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PLD3000B Hospital High Frequency Digital Radiography Analog Chest X-ray Machine

Digital X-ray replaces the use of film or computed radiography (CR) plates with a direct digital transfer of X-ray images into the PACS. Digital radiography (DR) is the direct conversion of transmitted X-ray photons into a digital image using an array of solid-state detectors such as amorphous selenium or silicon, with computer processing and display of the image.

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Workstation Software:
Basic function:
Change the console user password, edit users, collecting images.
Additional function:
Add a new check and edit the current check information, add a new position, change the image acquisition, multi-check the agreement switch, manually adjust exposure parameter, automatic exposure control mode, selection. Focus size, select the patient body shape, check the tube Thermal Capacity, Select ESA Curve, Trim Image, add a note (which is sent to the DICOM station), Add a posture mark to the image, rotate or flip the image, Full-size view of the image to view patient and exposure dose Information, accept or reject images.
Image management:
change the order of the list, after exposure patient basic information editing, query history image, heavy new sending history image, reprinting history image, view image extensions, re-preview historical images, management rejected images, space recovery strategy, protection Image, and manually delete the image.
System management:
User edit, modify the user password, Emergency registration settings, statistical information view, detectors Calibration, device control, output queue management, and images measurement.

Items Content Specification
Power Supply voltage 220V (or 380v)
Frequency 50 HZ
Capacity ≥40kVA
Inter resistance ≤0.15Ω
High voltage generator Output Power 32kw
Inverter Frequency 30 KHz
Radiography voltage 40kv – 150 kv
Radiogrpahy Current 10mA – 320mA
Exposure Time 0.001 – 6.3s
Radiography Control interface Nixie Tube display, Soft touch button operation
X-ray tube Tube focus 1.6mm / 0.6mm
Input Power Large focus 40kw, small focus 10kw
Anode heat capacity 140 kj
Rotating anode speed 2800 rpm
Bucky stand Cassette vertical movement ≥1300mm
Distance between floor and cassette center 450 ~1780mm
Fixed grid Ratio 10:1, grid density 103 L/inch, SID 1800mm, size 18”*18”
Flat Panel Detector Active Area 430(H)×430(V)
Pixel Matrix 3072(W)×3072(H)
Pixel size 140×140 μm
Imaging time ≤6s
spatial resolution 3.5 lp/mm
Energy area 40 ~ 150 kVp
Max entrance dose 4 mR / frame(low gain)
Data output 16 bit numeric output Ethernet (1000BASE – T)
Command control Ethernet (1000BASE – T)
synchronous control external
Input power supply DC24V, 20W


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