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EA-PI01 Pediatric Immobilization Board Pediatric Stretcher With Carry Case

This product is applied to child?s shoulder, chest, abdominal and legs fixing, makes the child?s heart comfortable and respiration smooth. The fastened leg and ankle straps allow to separate treatment ans immobilization of legs. Can be radiolucent for X-rays.

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Pediatric Immobilization Board Pediatric Stretcher With Carry Case Features:

Emergency medical personnel can use the pediatric immobilization board to safely and effectively immobilize, transport, and care for a child who has experienced trauma to the spine or limbs.

Pediatric Immobilization Board Features:

1. Adjustable head support and ear holes can effectively monitor liquid discharge.

2. Separate leg restraints allow emergency personnel to immobilize one leg while attending to the other.

3. Both ends are equipped with sewing handles, which can be easily operated in a limited area.

4. The built-in fastening ring connects the board to the existing crib strap to ensure maximum patient safety during transportation.

5. Can be used as a spinal fixator during transportation or as a restraint system for children 28 inches to 54 inches tall and 20 to 90 pounds.

Model Stetcher size(L*W*H) N.W Loading capacity Packing Size(L*W*H)
EA-PI01 120*20*5cm 3kg 40kg 127*25*20cm

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