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AOTA201 Orthopedic Traction Surgery Table Accessories Hip Extension Device

Traction is an essential treatment in orthopedics. The traction frame is connected with the operating table, suitable for orthopedic surgery and traction, can be lifted, extended, C-arm fluoroscopy, reasonable structure, flexible joints, convenient operation. Traction frame should be combined with operating table.


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Orthopedic Traction Surgery Table Accessories Hip Extension Device Description:

Orthopaedic surgery brings flexible positioning and imaging accessibility. The table accessories are designed for lower limb and hip surgery. Constructed from stainless steel leg beams, the orthopedic traction is ideal for use with imaging equipment and can be easily adjusted to suit the patient’s size and positioning requirements. The easily adjusted with a convenient mechanical drive and the leg assist device inhibits movement while allowing the system to be seamlessly adjusted with the table for lumbar, hip, knee, femoral and lower limb procedures. orthopedic extension device allows for multi-angle, multi-directional traction for internal and external fixation procedures etc. hip extension device Mechanically robust, flexible, adjustable, safe and durable. The traction table for orthopedic surgery allows you to reposition and fix the hip with precision and ease.

Orthopedic Traction Surgery Table Accessories Hip Extension Device Features:

1. Compact, integral orthopedic traction rack, orthopedic traction rack can be used independently, improve traction effect, durable.

2. Traction frame height can be adjusted at will, reliable positioning.

3. The machine is strong, flexible, adjustable, safe and durable.

4. The traction part is connected by universal joint, and the Angle and direction can be adjusted arbitrarily.

5. The main metal parts are made of nickel-chromium stainless steel.

6. Two stainless steel universal brake wheels, easy to move and locate.

7. The Angle of the traction rod can be greatly changed, and has a telescopic design. The bracket can rotate 360 degrees by itself, and can be disassembled with other accessories for flexible use.

8. It can be used for lumbar spine, hip joint, knee joint, femur and lower limb surgery. Internal and external fixation can be performed under the condition of multi-angle and multi-direction reduction and traction.

9. It can be used in combination with C ray in surgery. It can be used in conjunction with the C-X-ray machine during surgery, making you more accurate and comfortable during surgical reduction and fixation.


Main Specification
Length 2200mm
Width 600mm
Max. height from floor 1100mm
Min. height from floor 850mm
Technical Parameters
Traction range ≥1000mm
Traction distance ≥220mm

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