Orthopedic traction rack customer feedback – Good Response


Our company produces, sells and processes customized: first aid, funeral products, operating room equipment, rehabilitation products and so on, exported to South Korea, Japan, Southeast Asia and other regions.

The traditional traction set is made of stainless steel, which cannot be seen through X-ray. The traction set needs to be moved to adjust the Angle so that the part to be irradiated is not covered by metal. By replacing stainless steel with carbon fiber, the new technology allows full X-ray penetration, eliminating the need for a moving traction frame, saving surgical time and making surgery safer.

Now more and more orthopedic operating rooms begin to purchase carbon fiber traction frames, and even replace the original stainless steel traction frames. In the future, almost every operating room will have carbon fiber traction frames.

The price of carbon fiber traction frame is generally about 3 times that of stainless steel traction frame, different quality, different degree of workmanship price will be different. Carbon fiber traction frame has a lot of hospital users, accumulated a lot of experience and clinical feedback, is a very mature manufacturer.

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This order is an urgent order placed within a week. Because it takes about one month to deliver and transport, the total time left to us is very tight.

Our factory has rich experience in operating room equipment. After order confirmation, all materials are ready to ensure timely delivery. Our workers work overtime to ensure punctuality. Finally, with the efforts of all staff, we delivered all batches of goods in time for customers.

orthopedic traction frame,traction frame,traction set,customer feedback,operating room equipment

A month later, the client received the orthopedic traction rack. They were pleased with our surgical table equipment and offered a high price for our efforts.

We will continue to support customers, serve customers and help enterprises develop. Customer satisfaction is our pursuit. Rooe Medical will make more efforts to become a reliable supplier in China. We all believe that “Made in China” will enjoy a high reputation in the world.

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