VIP Hospital Inpatient Room

Patients and their relative can stay in a suite with amenities like separate rooms for both, separate bathrooms, separate TVs with multiple channels, fridge, Wi-Fi facility, direct dialling, two-way nurse call system, personal safe and many more facilities for total comfort.

Room Layout. U and C patient room configurations work best in ICUs, as they better allow staff to observe and quickly access every patient room from a central station.
Cockpit Stations. For large Nursing Units where nurses’ stations are located far apart, architects design smaller, decentralized “cockpit” nurses’ stations in between groups of two rooms, allowing for direct observation of the patient.
Glazed Doors. Doors with glass panel windows allow staff visibility into patient rooms.
Improving the line of sight to hospital rooms is a best practice that architects prioritize to streamline staff workflows and offer excellent patient care.

Efficient Hospital Room Design Benefits Staff and Patients Alike
Hospital rooms should be safe spaces in which patients feel well cared for and staff can easily provide treatment. These design details not only streamline staff workflows but can also help improve patient recovery rates and lead to higher patient satisfaction. This, in turn, may even result in increased revenue at your facility—the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services reimburse hospitals for up to 2% of the total cost of treatment if a patient’s satisfaction rating is high.

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Our common Bed Features

  • Electronically adjustable beds
  • Personal nurse call system
  • Bedside room light and TV controls
  • Individual satellite television
  • Guest couch
  • Wi-Fi and free internet
  • Smart room air conditioning
  • Complimentary premium bathroom features
  • Personal medication cabinet
  • Personal food and beverage storage cabinet