CSSD center

The hospital is responsible for all repeated use of medical equipment, utensils, articles, cleaning, sterilization and sterilization supplies.

  • CSSD center

Decontamination area

In the disinfection and supply center, the reused equipment, equipment and articles are reused, classified, cleaned and sterilized, including the washing and disinfection of the conveyance equipment, and so on; for the contaminated area.

Check the packing sterilization area

In the disinfection and supply center, the areas for inspection, assembly, packaging, and sterilization of the treated instruments, appliances and articles after decontamination are carried out, including the making of dressings and so on; for the cleaning area.

Storage of sterilizing articles

The area in the disinfecting supply center for storing, keeping, and distributing sterilized items is a clean area.


It is the process of Using mechanical cleaning and disinfecting equipment or soaking with detergent to remove organic, inorganic and microbiological from the treated items.