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AV-8010 Medical Non Invasive Ventilators Breathing Support Mechaincal Ventilator

For ICUs and hospital transportation, suitable for children and adults provide non-invasive positive pressure ventilation and intrusive ventilation support for spontaneous adults and pediatric patients. The best patient ventilator increases patient comfort. Large color touch screens and intuitive operating systems focusing on basic functions make configuration and operation very simple.

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Medical Non Invasive Ventilators Breathing Support Mechaincal VentilatorFeatures:

Adult & Pediatric. Can’t be used for new-borns.
New generation of ventilator
Molding production, tight structure
Turbine driven machine
Full range of ventilation modes and alarm functions
Convenient operation interface
12.1 inch touch screen
New interface design with user friendly layout
and colour assortment
Intelligence operating system
Can display 3 types of waveform in same interface
3 level of audio and visual alarm indication,
adjustable sound volume
Standard oxygen port
Apply standard oxygen port
Precision control for O2 concentration
Communication interface
Apply USB, Ethernet, VGA, COM port

Ventilation type Dual channel NIV ventilation
Display mode 12.1 inch TFT color touch screen, display a full range of monitoring parameters;
Display setting parameters, alarm info, waveforms, loops in same interface
Driven mode Turbine
Humidifier Adjustable temperature
Log sheet 72 hrs trends, 2000 logs,could save and transfer patients data
Casters Central brake with lock
Technique Specification
Power AC 110V-220V, 50Hz±2%
Gas source O2
Modes of ventilation S/T, S, T, CPAP
Respiration rate range 1-60 bpm
CPAP 4-20cmH2O
Inspiratory Duration 0.2-5s
Inspiratory Pressure 4-30cmH2O
Expiratory Pressure 4・25cmH2O
Inspiratory rise time 0.1-0.6S
Inspiratory rise time delay 0-60min
02 concentration 21%-100%
Trigger Sensitivity 1-5 level adjustable
Leakage compensation >60L/min under 20cmH2O
Ventilation parameter monitoring Battery level, VT(ln,Ex), leakage, MV, Bpm, Pressure(ln,Ex), Inspiration duration, l:E ratio
Waveforms and loops display Waveforms of P-T, F-T, V-T, Loops for P・V, F・P, V-F

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