Mobile Ward Rounds Work in Hospitals All Day


With the development of the society and the progress in the field of scientific and technological information, the words “mobile medical”, “medical informatization” and “smart ward” have gradually entered people’s vision, and many technological products have been derived from the expansion of the information field. Among them, the popularization of medical workstations has brought about tremendous changes in the working mode of hospitals. Last week, as the return visit officer of Jinea’s product experience, jinea entered the local hospital and witnessed the work station of ward round in the hospital.

Time: 8:30 AM
User: Doctor
Application operation: cross ward rounds

Rounds are the first thing doctors do in the morning
He hurried back and forth between the wards
Click the mouse to immediately retrieve the patient’s medical record, examination report
Visit, recheck, follow doctor’s advice, record
A mobile search rV easily all done
The burden of a pile of medical records books is gone
The rush of daily rounds was more leisurely and relaxed

Time: 11 AM
User: Doctor
Application procedures: Discuss treatment options

Treatment options for difficult patients
It takes a lot of effort from the doctors in charge
The specialist director happened to be in the doctor’s office
Pull the edge of a casual place to check the rV
Immediately consult the patient’s medical records for advice on the treatment plan
Breaks the time and space limits of timely discussion of the disease
The race against time to save lives has increased productivity by more than a little

Time:? 14:20 PM
User: Nurse
Application operations: consulting records

A nurse can also act as a doctor’s right-hand man when he is busy
For example, make a preliminary survey of the patient’s condition
Good advice, consultation, documentation
Type the description of the disease on the keyboard
Record the interview in advance for the doctor
It saves time cost and speeds up the treatment time

Time: 16:00 PM
User: Nurse
Application operation: ward patrol

Doctors make daily rounds and nurses make daily rounds
Late in the evening, the nurse was pushed to the ward station
Between the corridors and wards of the inpatient department
Ask about the patient’s health and publicize the doctor’s advice
The little white figure gently pushes the station back and forth
Convenient daily work, also become a beautiful scenery line in the hospital

With more and more Zenia medical workstations entering thousands of medical institutions, The footprints of Zenia medical have followed countless medical units.

Among them, there are three major national provincial and municipal key hospitals, as well as small hospitals, beauty salons and even health centers in towns and townships with poor medical resources. Regardless of the size of medical institutions, Zegna mobile workstation has brought them convenient and new working mode, which also proves that Zegna is getting further and better in the field of professional mobile medical informatization.

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