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MEGA 600 High Frequency Digital Mammography Machine

Mammography Unit is a X-ray apparatus involving in various advanced technologies, specially designed for the diagnosis of mammary gland diseases. It is sensitive to mammary gland lump, calcification, protuberance and carcinogensis and first-choice apparatus for the image examination of mammary diseases in medical institutes.

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Main Parameters:
1. High Frequency High Voltage X-ray generator
Work method : constant pressure High frequency inverter rectification
Cooling mode: advanced solid-state structure
Invert Frequency: >80kHz
nominal output current: 0~100mA
Working range : 20~35kV 10~510mAs
Radiographic Ratings: Large Focal Point 20-35kV/10-510mAs
Small Focal Point 20-35kV/10-100mAs
Over-voltage protection, over-current protection , over-power protection , over-heat protection ,
Automatic voltage compensation
High-voltage interlocking device of filament
2. X-ray Tube
Model: IAE C339V
Focal Spot Size: Dual Focus 0.1/0.3mm
Target Material: Molybdenum (Mo)
Port Material: Beryllium (Be)
High-speed anode drive: 2800/1000rpm
Target angle: 10°/15°
Anode Heat Storage: 210kJ (300kHU)
Filtration: Be(0.5mm)
Tube Voltage : 20~35kV
Tube Current : 0~120mA
Tube withstand voltage : 40kV
Filament Voltage : 5.0V
Filament Current : 5.5A
3.Mammography C-arm
Radiographic Stand :
All movement is electric
C-ARM: Vertical Movement: 580mm
Center of electric rotating C-arm, automatic return function by one key
Automatically released after the exposure pressure settings display
Compression flexible stepless speed.
Max. pressure: 200N
Max. travel: 150mm
Rotations Deg:+90°~-90°
SID: 650mm
Electric compressor size :18*24cm (24cm*30cm optional)
4.Specialized Digital Flat Panel Detector for Mammography
The detector size : 18*24 cm (24cm*30cm optional)
Pixel Matrix : 3072X2560
Pixel Size : 77 um
MTF :when >22%, the Spatial Resolution  6.0Lp/mm
DQE: >60%    0 cycles/mm
Dynamic Range : 16 bit
Read Time : 2S
5.Housing and movement device
stepless speed regulating range :0~6CM/s
Movement range : 0.5~2CM
6.Standard Detector Image Acquisition Workstation
Image Acquisition Software
Computer Configuration :
3Ghz , Windows system
Memory 3G
Hardware : 1TG
Dicom 3.0
19??Medical Use High Definition Monitor
7. Power Supply 
220V 10% 50Hz 6.2kVA

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