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WRMC Biomedical Waste Low Speed Shredder Small Crusher Machine

Pharmaceutical waste refers to waste materials from hospitals, clinics, dentists’ offices, doctors’ offices, sanatoriums, blood banks and collection centres. Improper management of pharmaceutical waste can cause problems for staff in healthcare facilities, patients, waste handlers and even the general public. It may also pollute the environment. It is therefore important to separate, isolate, treat and dispose of pharmaceutical waste in an appropriate and safe manner. Medical waste crusher is a good choice for the correct treatment of medical waste.

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Biomedical Waste Low Speed Shredder Small Crusher Machine Description:

Hospital waste consists of very different types of waste and requires special treatment during disposal due to the presence of infectious and highly contaminated materials. Depending on the type or classification of waste, the hospital itself may require special treatment of waste or storage in special plastic containers or buckets on site.

At present, there are many ways to treat medical waste, such as sanitary landfill, pyrolysis and incineration, autoclave, chemical disinfection, microwave disinfection, thermal decomposition, plasma treatment, etc. Wanrooemed has extensive experience in medical waste treatment, we offer bio Waste Shredder machines to process medical waste. The medical waste can be crushed into uniform size, less than 50mm, to improve the incineration efficiency.

The Bio waste shredder machine is low Speed Shredder and can control the output granularity. It is suitable for crushing medical waste. Medical waste is put into the feeding port into the shredding chamber, and the motor drives the blade to run through the industrial gear box. After tearing, squeezing and biting, the material is shredded into small pieces to reach the required size of secondary processing, or auxiliary equipment for convenient storage and transportation. Small Crusher machine is suitable for crushing and destroying all medical industry waste, ensuring complete protection of these hospital waste disposal items from infection as well as material abuse.

Medical waste Shredder Crusher Machine has good sealing and corrosion resistance. The blade adopts high strength rigid material to ensure good impact resistance and high impact strength to meet the high mixing requirements of stainless steel equipment, artificial limbs and other metal products. High pass rate of screen mesh structure ensures that the crusher is not blocked.

Biomedical Waste Low Speed Shredder Small Crusher Machine Features:

1. The surface of the fuselage adopts electrolytic nickel, which not only enhances the stiffness of the crushing chamber, but also has the effect of rust prevention, and will not fall off, and will not cause pollution to the broken materials.
2. Adopt three-phase industrial motor, so that the crusher has a strong heart.
3. Scissor cutting action of crushing blade improves crushing efficiency and reduces the generation of powder.
4. Push-button contact limit switch, safe and convenient operation. Emergency stop switch to ensure production safety.
5. Easy to open and close the visual window, crushing effect at a glance.
6. High hardness tool, wear resistance. Easy to disassemble, slow speed, low noise.
7. Dustproof hopper to prevent material injection, movable cover plate to block dust outside.
8. The end cover is designed to discharge powder, powder produced by grinding can be eliminated to avoid entering the bearing stuck.
9. The crushing chamber is fully open structure, without refueling, convenient maintenance.
10. Lock nut, first hand twist and then tighten with spanner, convenient operation. Humanized design, feel good.
11. Fixed with wheels, easy to move.
12. The screen can be customized, the size of the discharge depends on the size of the screen hole, can be customized, more flexible choice.

◊Common medical waste that needs to be shredded are:
Ampoule Glucose bottle Bloody bags
Blister packaging Used needles Syringe
Scalpel Lancet Catheter
Salt water pipe Salt water bottles Bandage
Dressing Cotton swabs The red bag
Expired or unused medicines Abandoned gloves Teat glass
Other medical waste

low speed shredder,bio waste shredder machine,small crusher machine,shredder crusher machine,crusher machine

Model WRMC-30 WRMC-40
Features Crush Pharmaceutical Waste, MIM, plastic, rubber, etc.
Total power 4kw 7.5kw
Diameter of crushing mouth 290* 220mm 400* 250mm
Fixed knife quantity 2 2
Rotating knives quantity 6 6
Sieve size(mm) 6, 8, 10 (optional)
Tank capacity 23L 45L
Move method Mobile casters
Dimensions 982*666*1100mm 1105* 850*1220mm
Weight 375kg 630kg

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