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Medical Waste Baler&Compacting Machine

Waste storage and disposal is a challenge for any type of business. Medical facilities of all sizes often produce waste such as medical packaging, which takes up space and is difficult to recycle.
Medical Waste Baler is a machine that compresses recyclable materials into bales that can be quickly and easily transported to waste management facilities. In addition to saving costs such as landfill fees, packaging medical waste into piles helps with the subsequent medical waste disposal process.
By reducing the storage space required for waste, Waste Baler improves workplace hygiene and health and safety, which in turn helps healthcare facilities meet their “duty of care” requirements.
Vertical baler, this is the simplest type to use. The Compacting machine simply loads piles of waste into the machine, closes the door, and starts the machine to compress the load. After compactifying the material, you can tie them up with ropes and tow them away with a forklift truck.
Horizontal Baler machine, which can automatically load, compress and discharge recyclable waste using a conveyor belt.
Two ram baler, the Compact Waste Baler machine is equipped with two high-power push rods to produce more dense bales than a single push rod, ultimately saving you storage space.

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