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DG100 Manual Medical Patient Lift Hydraulic Lift For Patient Transfer

It is designed for home care, which can effectively provide quality nursing, easy to adapt to various challenges while still maintaining high standards for patients. We provide low-cost power promotion while providing nursing staff.

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Manual Medical Patient Lift Hydraulic Lift For Patient Transfer Description:

The Manual Patient Lift is an assistive device that moves a patient between a bed and a chair or other similar resting place and is commonly used in hospitals, nursing homes and home health centers. The Medical Patient Lift is an entry level lift designed to provide a safe and comfortable lift experience for individuals and caregivers.

Components of the Hydraulic patient lift, such as a sling bag, help make the process of lifting and transferring a patient a more ergonomic task. Lifting slings are readily available to paramedics, thus saving time.

Hydraulic Lift for Patient Transfer The lifting action is operated with simple manual control, the Patient Hydraulic Lift is easy to handle and maintain while providing powerful healthcare options. Hydraulic pumps provide a low-cost lifting option while allowing caregivers to easily transfer patients..

Manual Medical Patient Lift Hydraulic Lift For Patient Transfer Features:

1. It is suitable for patients who are in bed for a long time and have inconvenient movements or cannot move after surgery. It can be used in hospitals, nursing homes or at home when accompanied by a caregiver.
2. Four-point hanger allows you to live as safely and comfortably as possible. Easily transfer from bed to wheelchair, recliner or shower chair, or from sofa to bed, or even from floor. Large sling size to accommodate patients of all sizes, sturdy and easy to hang up and take off. Slings are basic standard slings, if you need additional slings, you will need to order additional slings.
3. Manual hydraulic lifting device, a wider range. Up and down adjustment with switch.
4. The maximum load capacity is 150kg. The height range allows lifting from floors and high surfaces.
5. Padded rotating rod can rotate 360 degrees for added comfort and convenience.
6. The main frame is made of high strength steel with plastic-sprayed powder surface. Curved integral lifting arm improves strength and head space.
7. Front wheels are 3-inch universal wheels and rear brake wheels are 4-inch.
8. Footstool legs can vary the width of the leg extension and can be easily inserted under the bed or wheelchair.
9. To provide maximum space for the user, the lift is designed to ensure that it can be easily folded and unfolded without tools. Easy to carry on the car, no secondary installation, ready to use.


Model DG100
Frame material: Strong steel frame
Coating: Powder coating
Front caster: 3″
Rear caster 4″ with brake
Controller: Hand lift : up and down
Switch: With emergency lifting stop switch
Main Parameter
Arm Length 990mm
Leg Length 1190mm
Overall Width: 590mm
Base Open Width 860mm
Hook Height 950-1650mm
Push Handle Height 1140mm
Base Clearance 115mm
Weight Capacity: 150kg

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