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  • irrigation tower

AOTA071A/B Medical Irrigation Tower With Mechanically Lift Assist

This infusion stand delivers a constant, steady supply of saline at a preset pressure and temperature to help surgeons flush wounds or cavities quickly and efficiently during surgery, ensuring a clean surgical area and helping to reduce the risk of infection.

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Medical Irrigation Tower With Mechanically Lift Assist Features:

1. Four independent height ad justable hooks, each hook has a maximum flushing liquid safety load of 6000ml.

2. just release the button operation, the hook height can be adjusted from 156cm to 257cm.

3. No additional gravity balancing device to maintain stability.

4. power- assisted technical assistance, vertical adjustment is convenient.

5. Equipped with scale indicators, high accuracy, can choose different heights, to ensure that the intraoperative irrigation water pressure is more adequate.

6. Application: operating room, emergency department, urology, orthopedics, obstetrics and gynecology and intervention room.

7. High load capacity: up to 24000mL of rinsing liquid (up to 6000mL/hook)

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