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AOT-1D Pro LED Medical Film Illuminator Radiography Film Viewer Price X Ray Display

Viewing lamp is a device used to observe medical images, which is composed of viewing screen and internal light source. The principle of the viewing lamp is that the film containing medical image information is fixed on the viewing screen with a photo clip, and the light from the internal light source scatters through the film through the viewing screen. Viewing lamp is a necessary equipment to obtain diagnostic information on X-ray film, and its quality directly affects the reading effect.

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LED Medical Film Illuminator Radiography Film Viewer Price X Ray Display Description:

The current LED viewing lamp is available in three sizes, one, two, and three and four. As the number of links increases, so does the size.

The LED Medical Film Viewer uses the most advanced LED solid-state lighting technology and advanced backlighting technology, with uniform light intensity distribution, no dark area, no stasmography, and stable color temperature, making the screen brighter and softer.

X-ray Viewer (Price) uses true light with high brightness and no glare. The light transmission is more uniform, the brightness difference is less than 10%, so that the negative image is more true, pleasing to the eye, more suitable for negative identification. At the same time, X-ray display also adds many new functions, such as: plug induction, key dimming, LCD remote control, brightness memory, timing shutdown, etc., which not only provides users with convenience, but also energy saving, environmental protection, greatly prolonging the life of the product. The general device method of Radiography Film Viewer (Price) is divided into wall-mounted and scaffolding. The ideal device method can be selected according to the actual situation of the film reading room. Select according to induction function.

medical film illuminator,radiography film viewer price,led medical film viewer,x ray viewer price,x ray display

LED Medical Film Illuminator Radiography Film Viewer Price X Ray Display Features:

Efficient and durable LED light source technology

1. Using imported luminous chips, gold wire welding process, pure copper bracket, self-encapsulating LED light source technology.
2. environmental protection, low carbon, energy saving, service life up to 50,000 hours, equivalent to 6 years of continuous lighting

PWM digital high frequency dimming

1. PWM digital high-frequency dimming technology, illumination 100 levels adjustable, brightness adjustment more linear
2. PWM-controlled constant current chip for more accurate regulation of current output and almost no change to colour temperature Compared with analogue dimming 3. systems, PWM has a more stable performance and colour temperature.

High definition film reading experience

1. imported acrylic diffusion plate, dot matrix backlighting super bright LED light source, high light transmission rate, durable and non-discolouring
2. Acrylic light guide plate has the light transmission of glass and uniform Mann scattering performance
3. High contrast ratio, high colour rendering index and comfortable colour temperature make the reading of the film more clear and crisp

Stable power supply

1. The power supply chip for the viewing light uses a new semiconductor material, potassium nitride.
2. Potassium nitride has excellent thermal conductivity, high temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance, etc.
3. Small size and light weight of the power supply, and more advantageous in terms of charging power conversion

Excellent light source arrangement

1. Over 90% brightness uniformity of the viewing screen
2. High density LED light source dot matrix arrangement, brightness up to 6000cd/㎡, higher and more uniform brightness can display richer image levels, providing doctors with more diagnostic information.

Unique knob rotation and digital control technology

1.1.77″ colour LCD display, providing smarter control
2. 100-step stepless dimming, which absolutely eliminates interference streaks on the camera screen.

Versatile film viewing

1. Split-link control available, brightness can be controlled individually
2. Auto-sensing, automatically lights up when film is inserted and automatically turns off when film is removed.
3. Also features brightness memory and delayed switch-off, which protects the doctor’s eyesight while effectively reading the image photos.

Simple and easy to use film clamping device

1. Silicone film clamping device, easy to insert and remove film

Model No. AOT-1D Pro AOT-2D Pro AOT-3 Pro AOT-4D Pro AOT-5D Pro AOT-6D Pro
External Size (mm) 480×502×38 840×502×38 1200×502×38 1560×502×38 1920×502×38 2280×502×38
Visual Size(mm) 360×422 720×422 1080×422 1440×422 1800×422 2160×422
Maximum X-Ray Film Reading Size 17×14 inch(355.6×431.8mm)
Max Power 30W 60W 90W 120W 150W 180W
Light Source Super high brightness SMD LED 780 pc/panel;CT〉6500K; Lifespan of 100000 hours
Electric Parameters Global Voltage Adaptive built-in power;AC90v-240v;50/60Hz
Brightness Setting 1.77inch LCD display with 0-100 stages brightness adjustment,minimum brightness300cd/m2 and the
maximum brightness 26000cd/m2.
Clip Device Slicone clip device
Mount Type Wall-mounted or bracket type(optional)
Application Films General film,digital film,breast mamography film
Sensor Function Separate control of each panel,automatic sensing function,plug is bright,memory function,delay power off funtcion
Viewing Uniformity ≥90°

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