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DZG Meat Fruit Vegetable Food Sterilization Equipment Steam Autoclave

High temperature and high pressure sterilizer is a variety of sterilization equipment necessary for packaging. By maintaining high temperatures in a predetermined time, commercial aseptic goals are realized, and the shelf life of the packaging food is extended. With advanced Siemens PLC control system, complete, no manual operation, a few minutes to achieve bactericidal temperature, fast heat penetration speed, good sterilization effect.

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Meat Fruit Vegetable Food Sterilization Equipment Steam Autoclave Description:

Steam sterilization is achieved by exposing the product to saturated steam at temperatures ranging from 121°C to 134°C. The product is placed in a facility called Food Equipment and heated by pressurized steam to kill all spores and microorganisms. Food autoclave uses clean steam as sterilization medium. By special sterilization process operation. Sterilization equipment through pulse vacuum, vacuum dehumidification combined with jacket heating and drying, eliminate the influence of cold air on temperature. Sterile air is expelled to achieve pressure equalization.
Steam sterilization is the process of removing, killing, or eliminating all types of biological agents, such as bacteria, fungi, spore forms, single-celled eukaryotes (such as plasmodium parasites present in surface areas), drugs, or compounds (such as biological cultures). Therefore, the process does not involve changing any physical properties of the product, such as aroma or color. It just changes the microbial properties and makes the product safer to eat.
Application areas:
Fruit and vegetable sterilizer has been widely used in food, medicine industry specific subdivided into meat, egg products, seafood, fresh corn, vegetables, bean products, aquatic products, canned products, packaging, beverage, dairy products, herbs, seeds, nuts, cinnamon, parsley and garlic slices, pistachios, almonds, sunflower seeds, dried vegetables, and so on food and packaging of high temperature sterilization.
Note: items to be steam sterilized must be heat resistant and moisture resistant. Oil cannot be sterilized by steam.
Sterilizer steam autoclave has also been used in medical institutions to purify microbial waste and sharp instrument containers. It is non-toxic to the environment, patients and workers. The sterilization cycle is easy to control and monitor. Please find out more if necessary.

Meat Fruit Vegetable Food Sterilization Equipment Steam Autoclave Features:

1. Food sterilizer can automatically control sterilization pressure, temperature and all sterilization process, so that all their sterilization effect is more than 99.9%. Set different temperatures for different products to ensure taste, color and nutrients are not compromised.
2. Sterilization water can be preheated and recycled, saving energy, heating time and labor, material consumption, reduce production costs.
3. The equipment is equipped with stainless steel sterilization car and sterilization tray, reasonable design, large loading capacity, favorable sterilization effect and drying effect of products.
The Door Structure
1. The sterilizer adopts double-layer transverse rectangular structure with 304 or 316L stainless steel chamber. The inner plate is made of high quality container plate or 304 stainless steel jacket, and the outer plate is made of brushed stainless steel. Inflatable silicone rubber sealing ring seals, reliable sealing, long service life.
2. Double door structure, also can choose automatic door. Double door safety interlocking system. When the door is not closed, steam cannot enter the chamber. The door should not be opened when the indoor steam pressure is not safe.
Piping System
1. The piping system is composed of control valves, pipes and filters.
2. The control valve is pneumatic valve, with strong heat resistance, reliable operation and low failure rate, which ensures the overall performance of the sterilizer.
3. The pipe is stainless steel with clamp connection; Easy to install and maintain.
Control System
1. PLC touch screen control, bilingual display, easy to control, temperature, pressure, curve and print record at any time.
2. The control system has man-machine interface, with a variety of sterilization process for users to choose, set sterilization parameters, display parameters and cycle stage, printing sterilization report and other functions, users can also choose manual operation according to special requirements.
3. The printer is used to record and print time, temperature and pressure data during the operation.
Vacuum System
1. Vacuum system is used to deal with cold air and keep the temperature in the chamber uniform.
2. The vacuum system of the sterilizer is mainly composed of liquid ring vacuum pump, vacuum valve and pipeline. Among them, the vacuum pump is the key component. The vacuum system has the advantages of stable operation, low sound, high vacuum, fast air suction, etc., to ensure the sterilization effect and overall performance.
Drying System
The sterilizer is equipped with a unique moisture-proof device. To avoid the condensation water dripping on the food during heating and sterilization. Ingenious heating tube design ensures the smooth operation of sterilizing vehicle and avoids secondary pollution.

Food indicators after sterilization:

1. Mold and miscellaneous bacteria < 10cFU /g
2. Water content ≤5% (dry degree)
3. It is not easy to change color
food sterilization equipment,steam sterilization,fruit and vegetable sterilizer,sterilizer steam autoclave,food sterilization

Design pressure 0.245Mpa Vacuum -0.095Mpa
Working Pressure 0.22Mpa Steam Source Pressure 0.4-0.6Mpa
Design Temperature 139℃ Water Source Pressure 0.2-0.3Mpa
Working Temperature 134℃ Compressed Air Pressure 0.6-0.8Mpa
Heat Equilibrium ≤±1℃
Specifications Overall Dimensions Chamber Size Steam Consumption Power Loading(kg) Loading Cart(pcs) Cooling Water consumption Net Weight
Model L*M*H(mm) L*W*H(mm) (kg/cycle) (KW) (kg)
Single/Double Door
DZG-0.36 1195*1220*1720 1000*600*600 50 1.5 60/40 400 760
DZG-0.6 1245*1300*1880 1050*680*850 60 2 120/80 500 1100
DZG-0.8 1595*1300*1880 1400*680*850 70 3 160/110 1 700 1300
DZG-1.2 1695*1370*1960 1500*750*1100 80 3 250/180 2 700 1900
DZG-2.5 3195*1370*1960 3000*750*1100 160 4.5 500/350 4 1200 2800
DZG-5.0 3635*1800*2200 3400*1000*1500 350 7.5 1000/700 4 1600 4500
DZG-8.0 5635*1800*2200 5400*100*1500 450 7.5 1600/1100 6 1600 7500

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