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MCF-21B Medical Equipment LCD Ultrasound Maternal Portable CTG Fetal Monitor

Fetal monitors are bedside units that consist of a monitoring unit, cables, and electrodes. They are designed to measure, record, and display FHR, uterine contractions, and/or maternal blood pressure and heart rate before and during childbirth.

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MCF-21B Ultrasound Maternal Portable CTG Fetal Monitor Introduction:
MCF-21B is a high end hospital grade monitor designed for multi-bed units with central station yet simple enough for private practice, it offers the most advanced integrated monitoring for the delivery room in big hospital; private obstetrician’s office; antepartum clinic. MCF-21B are designed for use in moving situation covers the entire continuum of antepartum and intrapartum applications.

MCF-21B Ultrasound Maternal Portable CTG Fetal Monitor Features:
1. Foldable 12.1 inches TFT LCD high-brightness screen with a wide viewing angle and large numerics
2. 12 elements / 1 MHz water proof pulse Doppler transducer(option)for accurate detection
3. Event marker for easy documentation of events and kick counts
4. On-screen scrolling for viewing stored fetal traces
5. Twin ultrasound monitoring capability
6. Configurable audible and flashing fetal heart rate alarms
7. Twin signal overlap alarm function
8. Built-in high speed thermal printer, printing width can be set to 112mm,150mm
9. 24-hours memory for fetal traces
10. Supporting TCP/IP or wireless connection to the central monitoring station
11. Internal Li-ion battery power or AC power from external power supply
12. NST Report (Fetus Health Report)
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Physical Specifications
Dimension and Weight Dimension 36cm (W)*23cm (D)*12cm (H)
Weight 5.3kg(excluding accessories)
Operation Environment Power requirements AC100-240V , 50/60Hz
Power 100VA
Temperature 0-40℃
Humidity 0-93% non-condensing
Fetal/Maternal Performance Specifications

Performance Specifications

Display 12.1 inch (1024*768 pixel) color TFT  LCD
Indicator Visual on-display and integrated, alarm light, audible alarm
Battery Internal rechargeable Li-ion battery
Alarm Visual on-display and integrated, alarm light, audible alarm
Memory 24-hours memory for fetal traces

150 groups patient data

Printer America standard/International standard

Built-in thermal printer (110mm, 150mm for option)

1/2/3cm/min real-time printing speed, fast print speed (stored traces)

Paper Z-fold, thermosensitive
Record Message ID, name, age, date, time, print speed etc
CMS Support connecting to central monitoring station through LAN (TCP/IP) or wireless connection


Fetal/Maternal Technical Specifications
Ultrasound (FHR) Measurement range US 30 to 240 bpm
Resolution Display 1bpm
Printer 1bpm
jitter@200 bpm 3bpm
Display update rate 0.25second
Beat to bea change(max.) for ultrasound 28bpm
US frequency 1MHz±5%Hz
TOCO Measurement method Strain gauge sensor element
Sensitivity 1 unit =2.5g
Resolution 1 unit
Measurement range 500 units
Baseline setting 0, 5,10, 15, 20 can be selective
Update rate 0.25 second
Auto offset correction 3 second after connecting the transducer
Auto zero adjust


TOCO value is set to zero negative following a negative

Measure value for 5 seconds

Auto Fetal Movement (AFM) Technique Pulsed doppler ultrasound
Range 0-100%
Resolution 1%
Automatic fetal movement actograph
Manual fetal movement marker



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