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MCDS-80 Medical 80 Liter Waste Shredding Dental Autoclave Steam Sterilizer

MCDS series shredding autoclave for medical waste is newly developed and produced by our company. It is widely used in hospital, clinic, health center and dentists etc. It meets the standard of GB150-2011 Pressure Vessel and TSG R0004-2009 Pressure Vessel Safety Rules. Shredding, sterilization and drying can be done in one autoclave, thus to avoid second pollution. It saves space. And can greatly reduce costs of packaging, transportation and burying.

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◊Technical Advantages:
For the convenience of user, this shredding autoclave adopts built-in electric steam generator to produce steam as sterilization medium, automatic water supply and water level protecting system.
Feeding port is on the top of the machine with electric sliding door which is easy for loading medical waste.
This shredding autoclave can ensure a thorough crushing, sterilization and crying within 90 minutes.
◊Structure & characteristics:
1.Pressure chamber
(1) The chamber is vertical pressure vessel with jacket, good for pre-heating, drying and continuous operation.It is made of stainless steel SUS304. Inside surface is mechanically polished . smooth and no blind angle, can meet GMP standard.
(2) Feeding port is on the top of the machine with electric sliding door sealed with gasket. Discharging port is on the bottom with motor driving, lever type promotion and demotion unloading gate which is teflon painted. Additional manual locking system will make it much safer. Chamber and jacket have ports for temperature and pressure censers. Pipe system contains water pump, water level controller, vacuum pump, safety valve,angle valve, filter, non-return valve, steam trap and pressure controller.
(3) Unloading gate is equipped with PTC heater to ensure sterilized waste dry and germ free. Wheeled cart is for transferring of finished waste.
2.Double axle shredding system
The machine adopts medium load shear type for shredding.
It is equipped with a single motor reducer,by a pair of gear wheel to drive a pair of knife axles to run simultaneously to shred. This low-speed,large torque system is strong and stable to shred all medical waste including,fabric, rubber,plastic, paper,glass, and small piece of metal.
The system has automatic back-running function. When something can’t be shredded, the system will back run automatically to self -protect.
3.Water supply & vacuum system
(1) Water supply system is composed with pump, level controller, angle valve, non-return valve etc. User connects water to pump, the system start working automatically. When water reaches the set level, electric heater starts working to produce steam.When steam temperature reaches set degree, the autoclave starts sterilization for shredded waste.
(2) Vacuum system is composed with vacuum pump, water separator,non-return valve, vacuum valve and water pipe.This is for removing wet and hot steam from chamber after sterilization for cooling and drying.
4.Controlling system
The complete machine adopts PLC (Siemens)+HMI(touch scream )for controlling and operating with three degree of password for protection. All data can be saved or to be real time printed.
Start the machine, open the feeding port at the top, and feed medical waste of about 80 liters. Close the door and confirm. And manually close the lock of unloading port at bottom.
Start double axle shredding system to shred medical waste. At same time , supply pure water into jacket to set level. Start electric heater. PTC heating system of discharging port at bottom also started to a temperature of 134℃~138℃.
When pressure in jacket reaches set value, open connecting valve. Steam enters chamber from jacket. When temperature in chamber reaches 134℃~138℃, keep 4~10 minutes for sterilization.
4.Cooling and drying
When set sterilization time finish, the chamber exhausts steam and pressure relies. But jacket and unloading port will keep on heating. When chamber pressure is same level as outside, vacuum system starts working for 15-20 minutes for cooling and drying. When timing finish, stop heating in jacket and PTC. Germ free valve open, and pour in germ-free air to chamber to normal pressure.
A wheel cart is positioned under the machine. Manually open assistant locking system and motor open discharging port door. Sterilized medical waste is unloaded.

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MCDS-80 450*450*700mm 450*450*400mm 1720*890*1370mm 1300


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