• manual hand suction pump,manual suction pump,phlegm suction machine 
  • manual hand suction pump,manual suction pump,phlegm suction machine 

EB-7 Manual Hand Suction Pump Phlegm Suction Machine

The manual suction pump are an effective solution used for the rapid suction of liquids in the mouth and nose region of adults, children and babies. Easy to use with maximum suction power in emergency situations.

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Manual Hand Suction Pump Features:

1. An effective and efficient manual suction pump for rapid suction of liquid in the oral and nasal area in case of emergency.

2. It can be operated with one hand to keep the other hand available for other important work.

3. Equipped with a disposable tank to firmly hold liquid.

4. The suction pump can be reused for generating negative pressure power.

5. Built-in overflow protection to prevent liquid from being sucked into the intermediate pipe.

6. With filter which can cut off viruses and bacteria

Adjustable suction power
Adult 100%
adult catheter diameter: φ17mm
child 50%c
Child catheter diameter: φ9mm
Limit negative pressure: ≥0.04Mpa
Peak flow rate: ≥20L /min
Bottle capacity: 200ml
Dimensions: 17*5*18cm
Weight: 0.2kg

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