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AOT-1D Plus Ultra-Thin White Light X Ray LED Film Viewer X Ray Light Board Illuminator

Based on the physiological characteristics of the human eye, the colour temperature of the LED is limited to around 8000K, which is not harsh to the eyes, and even if viewed for a long time, the eyes are not easily fatigued. Medical film viewing light source long life, convenient repair, low repair costs: LED theoretical life span of up to 100,000 hours, much higher than fluorescent lamps and thermal light sources. And the repair is convenient, the repair cost is low. Energy saving: the new light source LED is used, which greatly reduces energy consumption.

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Ultra-Thin White Light X Ray LED Film Viewer X Ray Light Board Illuminator Description:

White Light X-ray Film Viewer uses advanced electronic technology and the latest ultra-high brightness power LED light source, more than 50,000 hours of working time, high brightness, uniform and stable light, brightness adjustment, no hot, does not cause film curling, suitable for long-term use. The intensity of the X-ray Illuminator can be adjusted, which has a good effect on protecting people’s eyes and will not have too much impact on people’s eyes. It is suitable for doctors to use for long-term investigation and the Angle can be adjusted for better observation. Led Film Viewer is an ideal X-ray film observation lamp with good seismic performance and no fear in general handling and transportation. X ray light board is widely used in the evaluation of unit radiography film of machinery, chemical industry, aviation, shipbuilding, boiler, electric power and so on. In general, the LED X-ray Film Illuminator is more suitable for high-intensity and long-term use than the traditional one without causing too much eye impact and eye fatigue for the physician.

white light x ray film viewer,led film viewer,x ray light board,X Ray Illuminator,led x ray film illuminator


Ultra-Thin White Light X Ray LED Film Viewer X Ray Light Board Illuminator Features:

Efficient and durable LED light source technology

1. Adopt imported luminous chips, gold wire welding process, pure copper bracket, self-encapsulated LED light source technology.
2. Environmentally friendly, low carbon, energy saving, service life up to 50,000 hours, equivalent to 6 years of continuous lighting

PWM digital high frequency dimming

1. Natural soft light, no glare, healthy eye protection
2. PWM digital high-frequency dimming, more linear brightness adjustment, more accurate dimming, more stable colour temperature, natural soft light does not hurt the eyes.

High definition film reading experience

1. Imported acrylic diffusion plate, LED light source from the side into the light guide plate, high light transmission, durable and non-deformation, no discoloration
2. 4mm acrylic light guide plate has the light transmission and uniform diffusion performance of glass
3. High contrast ratio, high colour rendering index and comfortable colour temperature make the reading of the film more clear and crisp

Ultra-thin design

1. slim body, only 25mm thick, lightweight and does not occupy an area
2. Aero-profile + ABS structure design, conducive to heat dissipation

Excellent light distribution

1. Upper and lower light intake method, the brightness uniformity of the observation screen reaches more than 90%
2. High density light source arrangement, brightness up to 4000cd/㎡, customizable brightness

Unique knob rotation and digital control technology

1. Innovative, flexible, practical and easy to operate knob operation
2. 100 steps of stepless dimming for viewing x-rays and CT films of all densities
3. open-and-shut three-digit number display panel.

Film sensing and brightness memory

1. Automatic sensing, automatically illuminates when film is inserted and automatically closes when film is removed.
2. Also features brightness memory.

Simple and easy to use clip mechanism

1. Silicone clamping device for easy film insertion and removal

Stable power supply

1. The power supply chip for the film viewer uses the new semiconductor material potassium nitride
2. Potassium nitride has excellent thermal conductivity, high temperature resistance and acid and alkali resistance
3. small size and light weight of the power supply, and the advantage of charging power conversion

Model No. AOT-1D Plus AOT-2D Plus AOT-3D Plus AOT-4D Plus
External Size (mm) 476×500×25 836×500×25 1196×500×25 1556×500×25
Visual Size(mm) 361×420 721×420 1081×420 1441×420
Maximum X-Ray Film Reading Size 17×14 inch(355.6×431.8mm)
Max Power 30W 60W 90W 120W
Light Source Lifespan:Super high brightness SMD LED 144 PCS/Panel;CT〉6500K; Lifespan of 100000 hours
Electric Parameters Global Voltage Adaptive built-in power;AC90v-240v;50/60Hz
Brightness Setting PWM dimming system, minimum brightnesss ≤300cd/m2 and the maximum brightness ≥24000cd/m2.
The brightness can be customized
Clip Device Slicone clip device
Mount Type Wall-mounted or bracket type(optional)
Application Films General film,digital film,breast mamography film
Sensor Function automatic sensing function,plug is bright,memory function,delay power off funtcion
Viewing Uniformity ≥90°

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