Introduction of the electric operating table


The electric operating table is controlled by micro – electric computer and dual controller, and is equipped with lock switch to prevent misoperation. The whole hydraulic control system adopts imported hydraulic components, making the machine achieve low noise, high safety and reliability. This operating table is specially designed for ophthalmology and brain surgery with ultra-low position. Doctors can use sitting position for operation. The whole table can be vertically moved in front and back to realize all c-arm photography or perspective. Increase the width of the table to suit the current clinical needs. The table is divided into five movable sections, namely, head board, shoulder board, back board, buttock board and leg board. All the sections are made of materials that can penetrate the body X-ray light, and each board is provided with hidden guide rails, which can be used for camera obscuring.
Head plate: Pneumatic auxiliary device is convenient for head plate and foot plate operation.
Bed board: special composite material bed board, high X-ray transmittance, good uniformity, meet the requirements of the intraoperative film.
Mattress: one – time molding mattress, using international popular materials, streamlined appearance.
Wirecontrol operator: smooth shape design, ergonomic, comfortable to hold, integrated with all control functions. It has logical self-locking function to prevent misoperation during operation.
Bed: unique waterproof sealing structure design, high quality stainless steel material, anti-fouling and anti-rust, to ensure the best disinfection and purification requirements and anti-collision requirements.
Electric brake: it can be adjusted according to the ground condition. After locking, the bed will not change its position to ensure the bed is stable and safe during the operation.
Standard size stainless steel side rails: can be installed with a variety of accessories.
Separate foot plate: removable and disassembled, suitable for gynecology and urology surgery.
Base: The thin base design conceals the casters to ensure sufficient ground contact to ensure the stability of the operating table, and to maximize the c-ARM film during the operation.
Translation of bed surface: it has the function of moving and translating so that there is no dead Angle in the X-ray film during the operation.

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