Introduction of DR


What is DR ?
DR is the abbreviation of English digital radiography, which means digital X-ray photography, is a new type of technology. The X-ray information through the human body is transformed into digital signals by an amorphous silicon plate detector, and the image is reconstructed by a computer and a series of image post-processing is carried out.
Fast imaging speed, high resolution images
Strong image post-processing and low radiation
Network connection simplification
Image archive management and transmission
DR classification:
U-arm DR
Small footprint, low requirements for use space and installation conditions
Double column DR
Wide range of motion, simple operation, convenient positioning, can complete the special position, high efficiency, high cost performance, personalized configuration, bed/detector configuration variety.
Suspension DR
Atmospheric structure, wide range of motion, simple control, super convenient position, can complete special position shooting, shooting efficiency is very high, high installation conditions
When will you choose DR?
Bone trauma
X-rays are preferred, and the results are quick and easy to obtain.
Chest films
X-rays can be rough examination of the heart, aorta, lung, pleura, ribs, etc., can be examined for increased lung texture, lung calcification points, aortic nodal calcification, etc.
Fixed X Ray Machine, Stationary X Ray Machine, Digital Radiography System, Digital X Ray Machine, Digital Radiography Machine
The floating table with bucky stand of PLD3600 can meet the photographic requirements of different standing and lying positions. The bed floating and electromagnetic lock design makes it convenient for the accurate position of the lying patient, operation is much more convenient and flexible. Potable flat panel detector can take radiography for patient on wheel chair or stretcher.

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