How to choose a lifting chair?


What is a lifting chair?

A lifting chair or power lift recliner helps people sit, stand and stay active. A comfortable lift recliner also allows you to relax and rest in a variety of healthy positions.

Lift chairs and reclining chairs offer benefits to people suffering from a variety of conditions including arthritis, asthma, back pain, and circulation problems. People who sit in wheelchairs for long periods of time can also benefit from the extra seating provided by a lift chair. Here are just some of the benefits of a chair lift.

1. Improve overall body function from sitting to standing
2. Eliminate muscle fatigue associated with uncomfortable seating
3. Eliminate fluid retention by elevating the legs
4. Use multiple seats to correct posture and reduce pain

How to choose a lifting chair?

Modern reclining chairs have many innovative features and functions that make them extremely popular. Your specific needs will determine the reclining chair you choose, including seat depth, seat width, seat height, weight capacity, headrest, and more.

Rise: The entire chair slowly rises, allowing you to stand comfortably. When the seat is raised, it also tilts forward to help you stand. Sitting is easy, too; simply place yourself on the raised seat, then press the button to lower the recliner to a comfortable position, and slide easily and comfortably into the chair. No more sudden jolts when you sit down!

Reclining: For people with arthritis and other diseases, as well as those suffering from back pain, the chair can be reclined into a comfortable position so that you can enjoy different activities: watching TV, reading, writing, etc. If you sit for long periods of time, a recliner will help you adjust your position for better comfort and blood circulation.

Space Tilt: Some chairs perform a “Space Tilt,” which is ideal if your lift chair has limited space and clearance. The entire chair will perform a tilt transition, with limited additional space required behind the back of the chair.

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This BHC302 Geri chair can replace the hospital environment and provide a comfortable seating environment at home. With its exceptional comfort, adjustability and positioning capabilities, the chair is an excellent solution for people with reduced mobility, both at home and in clinical settings.

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