How to buy medical goggles for new coronavirus


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First, is it necessary to buy medical goggles

There is no need for ordinary people to buy.

Medical goggles are mainly used by clinical medical staff to prevent body fluids such as blood and secretions of patients from splashing into the eyes during work, and to protect the eyes. Medical personnel are advised to wear goggles when performing corresponding operations to minimize the risk of infection.

For ordinary people, if they are not hospitalized and do not touch fever patients, they usually do not need to wear goggles, and wearing a mask can play a protective role. If you are in a crowded place, you can consider wearing flat glasses or near-sighted glasses as appropriate.

Second, the price of medical goggles

Hospital goggles are generally purchased centrally. Of course, there are some on the market, such as pharmacies and e-commerce platforms, which cost a dozen dollars, but they do not necessarily meet medical needs.

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How to choose medical goggles

1. Choose goggles that meet or exceed national standards.

2. Select a brand with the following logos, including: LA Lao An logo, QS quality mark, the number of safety standards in compliance, the model of the goggles, the date of manufacture, the brand and name of the manufacturer.

3. Choose a good quality, understand the protection needs, and select the corresponding protection function.

4. On the premise of meeting the protection requirements, choose to wear comfortable goggles to improve the enthusiasm of workers’ eye protection.

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