How effective is the inflatable splint?


When someone breaks a bone, it is important to immobilize the limb to prevent further injury until the person can be taken to hospital. Splint is an effective first aid method for fracture. It can be fixed with an inflatable splint.

What is an inflatable splint?

An inflatable splint is a plastic first aid device prefabricated into the shape of a limb. It is used to hold the bone in place until the patient can be transported to a hospital for bone immobilization and cast fixation.

It is faster, simpler and more comfortable than traditional bandages. It can prevent further injury of soft tissue, prevent shock and relieve pain.

It usually includes the following fixed sites: wrist, upper limb, upper limb, lower limb, lower limb, ankle.

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How does an inflatable splint work?

Before use, please choose the right splint, let the fixed part into the splint zip and fix, and then use a special pump to pump the splint, or mouth to the hose to blow air (not recommended), blow the air to the required pressure, and then cover the gas nozzle insurance cover. After use, please pull out the safety cover of the nozzle, hold the bottom of the nozzle with your hand to release the gas, and then unzip it.


The effect of a vacuum splint

Inflatable splints can act like plaster in a vacuum and hold a broken or dislocated part in place for more than 70 hours, further reducing the chance of infection.



Inflatable splints are easy to fold and carry when uninflated.

It fits the injured limb more quickly, providing good cushioning and improving comfort.

After venting, the inflatable splint is easy to remove and can be washed repeatedly for use.



It is prone to pricking and deflating, and it is not possible to monitor the pulse of the limb while the splint is in place. The splint needs to fit the skin well enough to stick to the skin easily and can be painful to remove.


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