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Orthopedic Bed

The unique design of the orthopedic bed is designed to alleviate pain associated with musculoskeletal disorders. Provides a range of traction and suspension solutions for orthopedics, rheumatology, neurology, emergency and pediatric departments.

Traction is a technique of realigning a broken or dislocated part of the body, using weights, pulleys and ropes to gently apply pressure to pull the bone or injured body part back into place. After a fracture, traction can restore the bone’s position early in healing or provide temporary pain relief while you wait for further corrective surgery.

Our orthopedic bed according to the traction frame can be divided into double arms and gantry type. The utility model relates to an orthopedic traction bed, which is mainly composed of a bed frame, a screw drive device, a bed frame at both ends and an accessory.


Adult Orthopedic bed

Children’s orthopedic bed

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