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BAE5092 Full Size Home Care Electric Adjustable Beds With Side Rails

High comfort care bed with stepless motorized motion of the platform lifting system, the backrest and the foot rest. Suitable for use in nursing homes and in a homely environment. It is used for families, hospitals etc, a popular product for the market.

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Full Size Home Care Electric Adjustable Beds With Side Rails Description:

Home Care Electric Adjustable Beds to help patients recover and treat.
– Providing the security and support of hospital beds, home care Beds enable caregivers and family members to meet patient needs safely and easily.
– Home Care Adjustable Bed has many of the benefits of a standard hospital bed, such as electronically adjustable backrest and pedals, high and low functionality and Trendlenberg lift. Four or five function beds can be selected according to patient requirements.
– Full Bed with Side Rails adds sturdy casters to easily move the bed when needed. Full size Electric Hospital Bed for home care can also be folded up for easy transportation and storage.

Full Size Home Care Electric Adjustable Beds With Side Rails Features:
1. The electric bed has pre-installed motors that allow you to adjust from standard height to low height to meet your changing needs. The height adjustable motor is pre-installed in the foot, the motor is completely independent to reduce weight and noise, and the motor can be assembled or disassembled without tools even when the patient is lying in bed.
2. The bed is sturdy enough to support up to 450 pounds, but comes with casters that move easily.
3. Bed and channel frame construction with galvanized spring deck provide superior strength and weight reduction.
4. Head and foot boards are interchangeable. The wood grain headboard is resistant to breakage and scratch, making it more suitable for home decor
5. Four traceless rubber casters with brakes that can be moved to allow transport of immobile patients from one area to another.
6. Easy to use hand-held electric remote controls the positioning of the overall height of the back, knees and bed frame, providing maximum comfort and versatility for the patient or caregiver. It can be raised and lowered remotely, and is designed to reduce the risk of clipping and injury, and ensure patient safety and comfort through quiet and smooth operation, while giving caregivers peace of mind.
7. Just press the button, the electric motor control device can lift the head and feet of the bed frame and the overall height and backleg linkage. Comfort controls that enable residents and caregivers to easily operate beds. The hand controller can be plugged into either side of the bed, making it more accessible to residents and completely waterproof.
8. Folding guardrails on both sides are designed to protect the patient from falls and help them stabilize their grip or maintain a safe exit or entry into the bed.
9. The extension of the bed can provide a safer and more comfortable experience for higher use without losing the original characteristics of the bed.

Main Parameter
Product size 2100*960*310~710mm
Back rest lifting angle 0-70°
Knee break angle 0-50°
Reverse Trendelenburg 12°
Hi-lo adjustable 31~71cm
standard accessories: 1)Four 5° castors all with brakes
2)1 set of steel powder coated side rails
3)1 set of detachable Head & Foot boards
4)1 set of motors
Optional: 1)I.V. Pole
3)Overbed table
4)Back-up battery
5)Bedside locker
6)Lifting pole
7) Extended leg section 18cm



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