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HBYC-B/C Acrylic Glass Hospital Baby Cot Infant Bed With Drawer and I.V. Pole

Incubators and radiant warmers are used to maintain the body temperature of newborn infants. This is best done so that the energy expended for metabolic heat production is minimized. The heat output of these devices is usually regulated by servocontrol to keep the skin temperature constant at a site on the abdomen where a thermistor probe is attached.

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Brief Introduction:
HBYC-B: Consists of bed, bed frame, mattress, and I.V. pole;
HBYC-C: Consists of bed, stainless steel bed frame, mattress, and I.V. pole.
The Max. Load of bassinet is 5 Kg
The Max. Load of I.V. pole is 2 Kg
Product Packaging:
Package: each unit is packed into one carton
Dimension : 825mm x 450mm x 770mm (HBYC-B)
890mm x 580mm x 550mm (HBYC-C)
Gross weight : 21kg (HBYC-B)
25kg (HBYC-C)

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