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HBKY-20B Medical FI0 2 21%-100% Low High Flow Air Oxygen Blender

The Air/Oxygen Blender is a precision proportioning device for mixing medical grade air and oxygen, which provides oxygen concentration and conveying gas flow controlled oxygen therapy for clinic. Besides as opened-end oxygen delivery, the Air/Oxygen Blender is supporting the use of infant incubator, infant radiant warmer, infant oxygen hood, oxygen therapy instrument, ventilator, CPAP, resuscitator and epidural instrument, etc, especially suitable for neonatal intensive care unit and ward oxygen delivery (Forbidden for the high blood oxygen disease).

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Performance Characteristics:
Oxygen concentration is 21%-100% continuous adjustable;
Oxygen concentration and flow rate is adjusted separately;
High precision regulating and continuous steady gas output;
Model & Specification HBKY-10A HBKY-10B Pneumatic control without power supply;
HBKY-30A and HBKY-30B can be used for two patients simultaneously.
Oxygen concentration adjusting range and accuracy :
HBKY-10A and HBKY-10B: Oxygen concentration adjusting range: 21% -100% ;
Accuracy: 3% 02 ( V/V ) .
HBKY-20A and HBKY-20B: Oxygen concentration adjusting range: 21% -100% ; Accuracy: 3% 02 ( V/V ) .
HBKY-30A and HBKY-30B : Oxygen concentration adjusting range: 21% -100% ; Accuracy: The accuracy of HBKY-30A and HBKY-30B blender is 3% 02 (V/V) when use the single flow and the flow rate is more than 4L/min ;
The accuracy of HBKY-30A and HBKY-30B blender is 6% 02 (V/V) when use the double flow and both sides flow rate are more than 4L/min.
Flow rate adjusting range: HBKY-10A, HBKY-10B, HBKY-30A and HBKY-30B: 0L/min -18L/min ;
Weight 0.84kg HBKY-20A and HBKY-20B: 0L/min -18L/min and 0L/min-3.5L/min. Input gas source pressure: 207kPa-517kPa.
Alarm of gas source : Single/double patient use Single patient use Gas supply pressure difference>138kPa ; Interruption of gas supply ;
Packing dimension Gas supply pressure >560kPa ;
The Air/Oxygen Blender is built-in pneumatic sound alarm device with the whistle sound ;
The alarm sound pressure level is>57dB(A).
Gross weight 3.0kg The Reverse Gas Flow of zero (The reverse gas flow from either gas inlet to the other is zero).

Model &specification HBKY-10A HBKY-10B HBKY-20A HBKY-20B HBKY-30A HBKY-30B
Concentration valve Single Single double
Flow meter Single double double
Humidification bottle No Yes No Yes No Yes
Gas bleed valve Yes Yes No
Main part dimension 123mm*68mm*71mm 123mm*68mm*71mm 123 mm*68mm*71mm
weight 0.84kg 0.84kg 0.87kg
Single /double patient use Single patient use Single patient use Single /double patient use
Packing 315mm*300mm*265mm
Dimension 3.0kg 3.2kg 3.6kg

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