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HB106 Hospital Baby Infant Radiant Warmer Neonatal Incubator With Smart Temperature Control

Incubators and radiant warmers are used to maintain the body temperature of newborn infants. This is best done so that the energy expended for metabolic heat production is minimized. … A heat shield of thin polyethylene film can be used with a radiant warmer to reduce heat loss by convection and evaporation.

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HB106 Infant Radiant Warmer Neonatal Incubator Features:
1.Temperature Control Mode: pre-heating control, servo control & manual control;
2.Instant Parameter Display: set temp, skin temp, heat power rate;
3.Built-in APGAR Timer and >37°C preset function
4.Audible/Visual Alarms: temp deviation, sensor failure, power failure, temp override;
5.Tilting Bed with Rotary Radiant Head;
6.X-ray Cassette Tray under infant bed, examination light of high illuminance;
7.Use anti-blast quartz infrared tube as radiant heating source;
8.With phototherapy unit;
9.With two oxygen cylinders;
10.With Suction, with neonate resuscitation.
1.Medical infant radiant warmer
2.Transparent protector
3. Alarms are audible and visual

Operational condition +18℃-+30℃
Environment temperature 30%-75%
Environment relative humidity <0.3m/s
voltage ≤1000VA
Temperature control mode Pre-heat, auto and manual
Temperature control range +25℃-+37℃
Temperature sensor uniformity ≤0.3℃
Mattress temperature uniformity ≤2℃
Temperature rise time ≤45min
Heat output indicate 0-100%
Radiant box horizon angle adjust range 0±90° step less
Mattress tray size 68*56cm
Mattress tilt adjust range 0±10° step less
Mattress tray Max.Load 10kg
Transfusion pole Max. Load 2kg
Shelf Max.Load 2kg
X-ray shelf yes
RS-232 connector yes
Mattress to Radiant box 81cm
Mattress infrared wave length 1-3um
APGAR timer yes
Power failure alarm yes
Sensor failure alarm yes
Temperature deviation alarm ±1℃
Over temperature alarm ≤38℃, ≤39℃
Low-pressure suction yes
Operating noise ≤55db
White phototherapy light 1set
7L oxygen cylinder(with oxygen manometer and oxygen flow meter) 2sets
Neonate resuscitation bag 1set

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