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HB001/002 Medical Phototherapy Lamp Unit Neonatal Baby Newborn Infant Incubator

Incubators and radiant warmers are used to maintain the body temperature of newborn infants. This is best done so that the energy expended for metabolic heat production is minimized. The heat output of these devices is usually regulated by servocontrol to keep the skin temperature constant at a site on the abdomen where a thermistor probe is attached.

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HB001/002 Newborn Infant Incubator Features:
1. Many countries adopt double inclined plane organic glass, which gives a visual sense of relaxed ease, a full range of observed objects without deformation and reflection, conveniently for medical staff monitor care.
2. Large front door, all the flip open, easy to operate for medical staff and easy to get in and out for infant.
3. Suitable temperature system adopts microcomputer control, high precise, small temperature fluctuation
4. Inclination of large bassinet is adjusted steplessly and can be used for about 8 degrees of tilt, bed area is 10% larger than the average incubator
5. Two-way pulling out of the bassinet can be pulled out smoothly from the front door or right side door, to facilitate neonatal medical care
6. China’s first infant incubator with X-ray radiography, radiography cassette underneath beds, non-metal transparent window allow X-ray pass, no leaving the infant incubator for X-ray photograph.
7. Setting value and real value display at the same time, medical staff can know the infant incubator operations from long distance by large LED digital tube
8. Incubator is installed the spray humidifier which is a national initiative, the humidity can be set freely, and controlled by microcomputer, humidity in the baby’s hood can be accurately maintained at the set value within 5%.
9. Superior performance of the filter adsorption can make air into the incubator more clean, and easy to clean replacement.
10. Whole up-body overturned function make the medical staff easy to clean and sterilize.
11. Incubator security be guaranteed fully, the battery voltage alarm and water alarm is a national initiative.
12.RS480 Computer interface far distance control available.
1.oxygen concentration analyzer
Hypoxic, or oxygen excess are detrimental to infant training and development, the oxygen concentration analyzer can detect the baby cabin oxygen concentration
2.Up blue-light box
Can be cured in blue-light
3.Down blue-light box
Can be cured in blue-light
Infant Incubator, Infant Baby Incubator, Infant Baby Warmer, Infant Equipment, Baby Incubator

Item specifications
Heating voltage ≤300W±10%
Incubator temperature control range 25-37℃
Skin temperature control range 34-37.5℃
Skin temperature sensor accuracy ≤0.3℃
Bed surface temperature average ≤1.5℃
Humidity accuracy ≤10%
Humidity display range 30-99%
Temperature fluctuation ≤0.5℃
Temperature rise time <40min
Temperature deviation alarm  range For incubator: ±3℃
  For skin: ±1℃
Indoor noise of incubator ≤45dB
Alarm noise Indoor: ≤70dB
  Outdoor: ≥60dB
Overtemperature alarm ≤38℃
Second overtemperature alarm ≤40℃
Alarm of sensor fault response time <4s, Continuous alarm
Power failure alarm response time <5s, Continuous alarm
Air blower stopping alarm, air-duct block alarm response time <30s, Continuous alarm
Lack water alarm Inlet tube water level is under the sign of “MIN”
Upper-body overturn angle 30℃
Inclination of large bassinet 0-8°stepless
Temperature display mode LED digital display
Infant incubator body material Organic glass, double walls hood, cabinet case
Oxygen concentration measurement(optional) 0~100%
Panel automatically locked yes
Operation window No less than 5 pcs, with auxiliary air sensor
Panel feature Touch panel, water-proof, sensitivity and reliability
Low battery alarm <4.5V
Safety performance According with class I, IEC601-1, 1998.GB9706.1-1995 and GB11243-2000

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