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HB-YP2000 Infant Radiant Warmer Baby Incubator With Humidity Control

Incubators and radiant warmers are used to maintain the body temperature of newborn infants. This is best done so that the energy expended for metabolic heat production is minimized. The heat output of these devices is usually regulated by servocontrol to keep the skin temperature constant at a site on the abdomen where a thermistor probe is attached.

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HB-YP2000 Baby Incubator With Humidity Control Features:
Air mode and baby mode controlled by micro-computer;
The information can be stored, consulted and indicated by the LCD display screen;
Humidity and oxygen concentration display and servo control;
>37℃ temperature set function;
Double wall hood, air circulation system in the way of air outlet from front and back;
X-ray cassette under the bassinet;
Embedded integrated sensor module, integrated water reservoir in the shape of drawer;
Inclination of bassinet is adjustable;
The height of whole unit can be adjusted;
Failure alarm indication;
RS-232 connector;
Weighing system and Monitor shelf is optional.
Standard configuration
Body compartment, main body, vertical height adjustment stand (VHA stand), the controller, I. V. Pole and shelf
Optional Configuration:
Weighing system, Monitor shelf and disposable skin temperature sensor
Specification :
Power requirement: AC220V-230V/50Hz or AC110-120V/50-60Hz, 1300VA
Mode of control: Air mode and baby mode controlled by micro-computer
Air temperature control range: 25°C -37°C (override mode 37-39°C )
Baby temperature control range: 34-37°C (override mode 37-38°C )
Accuracy of skin temperature sensor: ±0.2°C
The temperature difference between incubator temperature and average incubator temperature(under steady temperature condition)≤0.5°C
Temperature uniformity≤0.8°C (mattress is on the horizontal position)
Inclination of the bassinet: ±8°
Noise inside hood: 45dB(A)
Failure alarm: over-temperature alarm, temperature deviation alarm, sensor alarm, Motor Fan Failed Alarm, Power failure Alarm, sensor box position alarm, tank position alarm, system alarm and so on.
Humidity display range: 0%RH-99%RH
Humidity control range: 0%RH-90%RH
Accuracy of humidity display: ±5%RH(environment temperature is 25°C , environment humidity is 45%RH±5%RH)
Indication range of oxygen concentration: 0%-99%
Control range of oxygen concentration: 20%-60%
Accuracy of oxygen display concentration: ±2%(oxygen concentration sets 25%) ±3%(oxygen concentration sets >25%)
Accuracy of oxygen control concentration: ±4%
Range of weigh: 100-8000g(weighing system)
Resolution for weight indication: 1g(weighing system)
Accuracy of weigh: ±1%(weighing system)
Environmental temperature
Operating range:20℃-30℃(Set temperature should be higher 3℃ than environment temperature)
Ambient air movement rate: ≤0.3m/s
Package: each unit is packed into two cartons
Dimension (Main body): 1110mm x 710mm x 888mm
(Cabinet): 1029mm x 697mm x 826mm
Gross Weight (Main body): 70Kg
(Cabinet): 80Kg
Humidity Control Incubator, Infant Radiant, Radiant Warmer, Medical Infant Incubator, Baby Incubator With Humidity Control

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