• gynecology table stirrups,stirrup chair
  • gynecology table stirrups,stirrup chair
  • gynecology table stirrups,stirrup chair

A-S101 Gynecology Table Stirrups Chair With Shadowless Lamp

It is for hospitals and clinics to carry out every kind of gynecology examination, diagnoses and surgical operation.Difference positions can be adjusted according to practical situation.

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Gynecology Table Stirrups Chair Description:

The gynecology table stirrups chair is suitable for gynecological surgery, minor surgeries and examinations. The chair’s comfortable and adjustable design helps make the patient as comfortable as possible during the procedure.

gynecology table stirrups,stirrup chair gynecology table stirrups,stirrup chair
A-S102A Exam Chair With Shadowless Lamp

A-S101 Gyn Chair

Gynecology Table Stirrups Chair Features:

1. Pedal controls overall lifting and forward/backward rotation.

2. Gas spring structure allows the backrest to be levelled.

3. Seat and backrest move in sync to avoid patient sliding on the examination bed.

4. Armrests provide a relaxed and protective sitting position.

5. Footrests swing to either side and up and down for optimal positioning.

6. Fitted with castors for easy locking and moving of the bed.

7. Examination light facilitates gynaecological examination procedures.

gynecology table stirrups,stirrup chair


Model A-S101/102A
Length 1700mm
width 500mm
Height 660mm~910mm
Technical Parameters
Back adjustable 0°~75°
Seat adjustable -12°~32°
Arm rest adjustable 0~90°
Foot rest pedal adjustable up ≥75°
down ≤5°
swing out ≥30°
Lamp adjustable 60°
Power AC 220V 50HZ
Standard accessories Foot switch : 1 piece
Leg holder:1 pair
Filth basin:1 piece
Shadowless lamp: 1 pc


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