GA4022 Heavy Duty Funeral PP PEVA Three Layer Body Bag Corpse Cadaver Bag

Different from the past methods of extracting oxygen or injecting preservatives into the body bag and using dry ice to slow down the decomposition of the corpse, only storing the corpse in the funeral bag can play the role of anti-bacteria and anti-corrosion. Special Double puller will never make the stench emit, at the same time, prevent the air circulation. Funeral body bag also inhibits the bacterial reproduction.

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GA4022 Heavy Duty Funeral PP PEVA Three Layer Body Bag Features:
1.All seams are electronically heat sealed to comply with OSHA regulation 3130(containment of bodily fluid)
2.Rust resistant #5 nylon zipper
3.This material also remains flexible down to -57 degree C,so that it can be used in outdoor winter environment or morgue coolers without fear of “cracking”
4.Made of 12 Mil virgin waterproof PEVA.Complies with OSHA and EPA burn restrictions,regarding the release of chlorine gas.(Dioxin)Environmentally and cremation friendly
5.ID holder for the deceased identity upon request
6.Available packed with our optional body bag ID kit consisting of toe tag,exterior ID tag,personal effects ID tag
10.Net weight:1.62KG
11.Standard colour:white

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Material: PEVA+PP Woven fabric in the bottom
Size: 2400*1160CM
PEVA thickness: 0.3mm
Zipper Style: Envelope, double head zipper
Handles: 10 braided strap handles
Standard color: White


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