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AKL-A250L Floor Stand LED Surgical Light Surgery Room Lights&Exam Light

The AKL-250L delivers superior performance at a competitive price and lowest running cost. Using less than 50 watts of power and 50,000 hours of LED life, continuously saving energy and maintenance costs. A life span of 50,000 hours is equivalent to six years of normal use. Designed to meet a variety of needs – minor procedures, sutures, A&E, dermatology to gynecology.

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Floor Stand LED Surgical Light Surgery Room Lights&Exam Light Description:

Led Surgical Light adopts new LED light source, energy saving and environmental protection, with a service life of more than 80,000 hours. Surgery Room Lights are environmentally friendly, achieving maximum lighting performance with minimal energy consumption. An estimated reduction of at least 1.25 tons of carbon dioxide emissions per year. Ot Light features a lightweight head and a perfectly balanced arm system for optimal visualization during surgery. Soft halo reduces eye strain caused by high contrast light intensity.

The Floor Exam Light enables smooth, fast, and accurate positioning during surgery. Leds do not produce infrared and ultraviolet radiation. Moreover, shadowless lamp can cause wound temperature rise and tissue damage, accelerate postoperative wound healing, without radiation pollution. LED color temperature constant no attenuation, soft no glare, very close to natural sunlight. Led exam light can be widely used in a variety of surgical occasions, to meet the lighting requirements, is the ideal lighting appliance in modern operating room.

led surgical light,surgery room lights,ot light,led exam light,floor exam light

Floor Stand LED Surgical Light Surgery Room Lights Features:

High efficiency and durable LED light source

Energy saving and environmental protection, low power consumption, with 5000H long bulb life, equivalent to 6 years of continuous lighting.

Maximum light efficiency of lens

The spot diameter is evenly adjustable from 180 mm to 220mm, and the lens light efficiency is maximized through fine optical design

High and low color temperature adjustable

1. Color rendering index ≥90, high color reduction degree

2. High and low color temperature collocation, can achieve color temperature 4000-5000K (4 grades adjustable)

3. With brightness adjustment, illumination memory and other functions, can quickly adapt to the needs of various scenes

Precise control of lamp current

Constant current drive design is adopted to achieve accurate regulation of lamp bead current, which greatly prolongs the service life of surgical lamp

Two-color design, novel and beautiful

Adopt integral aluminum substrate + plastic shell design, simplify the assembly of light source, better heat dissipation effect

The solid base

The base adopts mute universal casters, which are strong, non-slip, durable and not easy to fall

Adjustable height of balance arm

The whole lamp height is about 800-1750cm adjustable, can adapt to the needs of various scenes, simple and clear operation

The lamp holder can be adjusted from multiple angles

The lamp holder can rotate in multiple directions and adjust the irradiation area from multiple angles, making it easy to use

led surgical light,surgery room lights,ot light,led exam light,floor exam light

Model Light head Light Source Install Power Input
AKL-A250L Size approx 250mm,single dome LED Mobile 100-240V ~Max 0.3A
AKL-A250J Size approx 251mm,single dome LED Rail clip 100-240V ~Max 0.3A
AKL-250D Size approx 252mm,single dome LED Ceiling 100-240V ~Max 0.3A
AKL-250B Size approx 253mm,single dome LED Wall 100-240V ~Max 0.3A
Illumination >40000Lx
Colour temperature 4200-5500K (adjust)
Spot diameter 180-220mm
Colour rendering index Ra>90

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