Excellent Hospital Surgical Stretcher


In health care, it is vital to have the best medical equipment to support staff. This is especially true when dealing with emergency situations. Surgical Stretcher is the perfect choice for surgical stretcher to ensure the safety and comfort of emergency patients and make it easy for specialists to adjust and manage. It is an indispensable equipment in the emergency department.

Surgical stretcher helps save lives

Among the many equally important life-saving medical equipment, it is essential to have a stretcher with advanced technology. They are used to admit, transport and examine patients in the emergency department. Of Paramount importance to both medical staff and patients is the safety and convenience of emergency treatment, which is achieved on our surgical stretcher.

Surgical stretcher allows quick and effective action in emergency situations

In an emergency room, every second counts. Therefore, stretchers must have several key functions to help save lives in emergency situations. Electric and hydraulic stretchers are designed to work faster and more smoothly for medical personnel trying to save lives. With many innovative solutions, the surgical stretcher is ideal for all stages of emergency care — admission, transportation around the hospital, and X-ray examination.

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Medical products are designed to meet the needs of medical staff while ensuring perfect patient comfort.

They often work with c-arms during X-rays, and a surgical stretcher is the perfect solution for them. The bed’s impressive large open space allows access to the C-arms from either side of the trolley, which makes them work faster and more efficiently.

Hydraulic height adjustment allows very low entry position. Caregivers can adjust the height or position the patient in the Anti/Trendelenburg position by using foot pedals on both sides of the cart.

Thanks to the air spring, medical staff can easily manually adjust parts of the stretcher to support the patient’s medical condition, or just to make them more comfortable. A non-slip mattress or one with a handle is available in three thicknesses and foam construction options. Choose a plan that is more consistent with your ward treatment.

Excellent maneuverability

A short wheelbase makes it easier to push, turn and avoid obstacles even through the narrowest of hospital hallways. Standard casters with a central locking system ensure optimum manageability, and with an optional fifth wheel, field driving and rotation are easier. You can customize the stretcher using suitable accessories to better meet your needs.

Meet your needs

With a wide range of accessories, you can fully customize the stretcher to meet your clinical needs. It will prove to be the perfect solution for patient examination, treatment, rehabilitation and transportation in your ward.

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