Ergonomic medical computer trolley


We are committed to providing a wide range of overall class solutions for the healthcare industry. These solutions are designed for professional care workers, in daily exercises to meet the use of EMR applications, clinical documents, drug distribution, and conventional workflows.

Electronic mobile computer cart has been used in two SLA batteries, UPS chargers and manual boosts. It is designed to support computer operations, at the top of the work space. There is a sufficient space in the compartment to meet demand, and the hidden tray is convenient to place the printer and projector.Ergonomic accessories have been set to default, cover the scanner bracket, tilted K / B tray, mouse frame, ventilation fan, and storage box.

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BWT-001N Medical Intelligent Mobile All-in-one Computer Workstation Trolley Cart, this all in one cart is ready to serve you as per your day to day need in Hospital or your workstation. Designed to quickly and effectively transport and assign emergency drugs and equipment, our lightweight composite structure and precision bearing feet make our trolley more motorcycles.Silence medical casters make the cart move freely on the carpet or on the hard floor.It can be moved reliably by very small force.
Mobile computer cart or mobile computer is ideal for any patient emergency room and operating room, laboratory, radiology, nurse station that requires access to patient data or images.This mobile computer cart is deeply thought out for its value, functional and ergonomic advantages. Mobile computer cart or mobile computer table movable, compact structure, easy to maintain and store. And have some additional functions, rich in functionality, strong adjustability, so you can easily set customized, easily to adjust height through switch which under armrest for a comfortable position in this ergonomic workstation.ergonomic mobile computer workstations to ensure your workstation is long and comfortable.

BWT-001N Medical Intelligent Mobile All-In-One Computer Workstation Trolley Cart is an efficient mobile station designed for medical health and daily use to ensure durability, which in line with ergonomics, portable, saving space It became the most attractive choice.

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