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Ambulance Stretcher

Ambulance stretchers have many uses in emergency situations and having a robust, reliable ambulance stretcher made of quality construction and materials is critical to the success of any rescue and emergency situation. Whatever your patient transportation needs, we are committed to providing you with the ideal solution.

Evacuation Chair/Stair Stretcher

Our Evacuation Chairs are designed with different functions to provide a safer solution for professional first responders and to be more efficient when transporting people down stairs in an emergency. Stair Stretcher offers a comfortable and dignified way of life for the disabled and injured, making it accessible on the stairs of the building. The models we offer vary in folding size, load bearing capacity and stair Angle capacity.

Emergency Stretcher

We offer a wide range of stretchers, such as: emergency stretcher, plate stretcher, shovel stretcher, roll stretcher, ship stretcher, military stretcher, vacuum stretcher, etc. We offer the best emergency stretchers at a great price and become the provider for all your stretcher needs, helping you easily transfer and reposition patients.


A holding device to prevent possible injury to the patient’s head or neck is carried further away. In the event of an emergency after an accident, the use of a spinal board or a connection strap on a stretcher can achieve a healthy patient transfer by greatly limiting head and body movement, avoiding secondary injuries during handling.


We are a trusted supplier of first aid products that you can enjoy and affordable prices to reduce the cost of EMS equipment.

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