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AOT202E Electric Ophthalmic OT Table Ophthalmic Equipment

The operating bed used in eye surgery is firm, durable, convenient and flexible. The operating bed is low in height and suitable for doctors to operate in sitting position. It is equipped with a removable and adjustable hand shelf to facilitate doctors’ operation and reduce fatigue. Electro-hydraulic lift drive is an ideal product for eye surgery bed.

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Electric Ophthalmic OT Table Ophthalmic Equipment Description:

The ophthalmic ot table is a new product specially designed for ophthalmic surgery in hospitals and clinical needs. The table can be lowered from the ground to a height of 500mm, which is convenient for ophthalmologists. The operating table is equipped with handrails to reduce the physical fatigue of doctors. The lifting and lowering action is electrically controlled.

Electric Ophthalmic OT Table Features:

General characteristics:

1. the shell is made of 304 stainless steel, which is closed and shaped, easy to clean without dead corners;

2. sufficient space under the bed to facilitate the operation of doctors;

Technical features:

1. the lifting is realized by electric mechanism, which has the advantages of low noise, strong reliability and convenient operation.

2. it can be lowered to a height of 500mm above the ground, and a hand rest is set to reduce the fatigue of doctors

3. use the electric foot pedal to control the overall lifting

4. the use of manual gears to control the lifting and lowering of the headrest can reduce the patient’s head muscle tension and effectively stabilize the head.

Electrical characteristics:

1. electric control system, stable, safe and noiseless;

2. use DC to drive the operating table

Main Parameter
Model AOT200E
Operating Table Size  
Length ≥1950mm
Width ≥520mm
Table Overall Adjustable Range  
Min. height of table top from floor ≤500mm
Max. height of table top from floor ≥750mm

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