• c arm compatible operating table,electric operating table,c arm table,diagnostic table,radiolucent surgical table
  • c arm compatible operating table,electric operating table,c arm table,diagnostic table,radiolucent surgical table

AOTA101 Electric C-Arm Compatible Operating Table Diagnostic Radiolucent Surgical Table

The function and quality of the fluoroscopic bed affect the fluoroscopic effect of the C-arm, and also directly image the examination effect of the patient. This operating bed with a C-arm, this bed is used in the operating room to perform fluoroscopy of the operation site with the C-arm during the operation. The operating bed is required to have a large perspective space, and the bed plate is carbon fiber bed plate, with X-ray penetration rate of 99.8%.

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Electric C-Arm Compatible Operating Table Description:

C ARM Compatible Operating Table is ideal for imaging, pain management, vascular and mixed operating room applications

Electric Operating Table is an affordable C-arm table with a carbon fiber top and quick positioning capability. The carbon fiber top of THE C ARM table can form a metal-free imaging region to achieve maximum C-arm efficiency. Diagnostic Table is compatible with the largest C-arm systems with a wide range of vertical adjustments. Mounted on a new low-profile base, the Radiolucent Surgical Table can be easily moved from room to room and secured with four locking casters.

C-Arm Compatible Operating Table Radiolucent Surgical Table Features:

General characteristics:

1. Unique structure, convenient for movement and operation of C-arm X-ray machine

2. The table top is made of imported acrylic plate material, which has no impact on X-ray and is conducive to obtaining high-quality images.

3. The four wheels can be easily replaced and moved to meet the needs of various operations.

4. The table top can be separated. After the operation, the patient can be directly put on the cart with the bed surface to reduce the number of times the patient is moved.

Technical features:

1. Dc drive, equipped with an electric foot and handheld remote control for operation.

2. Miniature motor ensures fast, smooth and balanced table movement.

2. The design height of the bed surface can be adjusted to 650-850mm to make the bed surface open to the maximum extent, no shelter, no blind area of perspective. .

3. The table can be shifted 400mm longitudinally, which is more suitable for X-ray examination.



Model AOTA101
Length: 2200mm
Width: 600mm
Height: 650-850mm
Movements of Top: 400mm
Basic Accessories: Brine Frame: 1 set
Arm Support: 1 set

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