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EB84 Medical Disposable Adult &Kids Resuscitator Rescue CPR Face Mask

A resuscitator is a device using positive pressure to inflate the lungs of an unconscious person who is not breathing, in order to keep them oxygenated and alive. There are three basic types: a manual version (also known as a bag valve mask) consisting of a mask and a large hand-squeezed plastic bulb using ambient air, or with supplemental oxygen from a high-pressure tank.

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EB84 Adult &Kids Resuscitator Rescue CPR Face Mask Features:
1.This product is equipped with a non-return valve with a filter function,which acts as a barrier protection for rescue personnel in emergency situations.
2.Rescue workers do not need to directly touch the patient’s mouth,nose and face for artificial respiration.
3.Transparent masks help rescue personnel observe the color andvomit of the patient’s lips.
4.If necessary, oxygen can be supplied to the patient.
5.Single patient use, one-way valve with high efficiency bacterial filter.
6.After removing the check valve, the mask can be connected to?the resuscitator.

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