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EB10 Medical First Aid Ambu Bag Disposable Manual SEBS Oxygen Resuscitator

A?resuscitator?is a device using positive pressure to inflate the lungs of an?unconscious?person who is?not breathing, in order to keep them?oxygenated?and alive. There are three basic types: a?manual?version (also known as a?bag valve mask) consisting of a mask and a large hand-squeezed plastic bulb using ambient air, or with supplemental oxygen from a high-pressure tank.

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EB1011: for adult and child
EB1021: for child and infant
EB1031: for infant and neonate

EB10 Manual SEBS Oxygen Resuscitator Features:
1.Non-toxic, non-irritating odor, good elasticity, durable,easy to disinfect.
2.With automatic pressure limit value to ensure safety.
3.SEBS: New environmental protection material,extremelycold resistance and good rebound.

Model EB1031 infant EB1021 Pediatric EB1011 Adult
Specifications infant?10kg 10kg Adult>33kg
Min volume infant?100ml >300ml >600ml
Pressure limiting valve pressure 40cmH2O 40cmH2O 60cmH2O
Atmos valve joint for patient side 15mm&22mm
Respirator positive pressure valve Joint 30mm, pressure value 5-20cm H2O adjustable
Sacculus volume 340ml 680ml 1630ml
Gas storage bag volume 1600ml 1600ml 2000ml
Package 56*34*46cm/8pcs 56*34*46cm/8pcs 56*34*46cm/8pcs

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