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EA-PI01 Hospital Rescue Pediatric Immobilization Children Stretcher

This product is applied to child?s shoulder, chest, abdominal and legs fixing, makes the child?s heart comfortable and respiration smooth. The fastened leg and ankle straps allow to separate treatment ans immobilization of legs. Can be radiolucent for X-rays.

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EA-PI01 Pediatric Immobilization Children Stretcher Features:
–X-ray translucent
–With head and chin straps
–The Rescue Pediatric Immobilization Children Stretcher is made of nylon fabric, internal board is anti-corrosion
–Sewn-in lifting handles at both ends for easy handling in confined areas
–This product is applied to child’s shoulder, chest, abdominal and leg’s fixing, makes the child’s heart comfortable and respiratory smooth
–Serves as a spine immobilizer during transport as well as a restraint system for children from 28″ to 54″tall, weighting 20lbs to 90lbs



N.W Load?bearing Packing Size(L*W*H)


3kg 40kg 127*25*20cm

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