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EA-LC Medical Designed in Italy Military and in Public Used Litter Carrier

The Wheeled Litter Carrier is the lightest wheeled litter cart on the market for single person transport to & from MedEVAC vehicles, aircraft, etc. The Wheeled Litter Carrier has a locking clamp system to keep the litter firmly in place, and it allows for different litter widths.

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EA-LC Medical Litter Carrier  Features:
Designed in Italy and approved by the US military and NATO.
The Litter Carrier is a light, stable device, equipped with two large pneumatic wheels designed for transporting injured persons on rugged terrain.
When the supporting legs are in the trans porting position,the patient is easily moved by one or two persons.
When the supporting legs are in the”static” position,the litter carrier is a steady and stable support for the patient.
This device has proved very useful for transporting and moving injured patients (or materials) inside field hospitals and field hospital areas;
AMPs, or to provide access to helicopter pads or airlift areas in typical large scale emergency or natural disaster scenarios.
Especially in the situation of mountain area, snowfield and desert, the litter carrier can fully embody its field operation function.
EA-LC Litter Carrier Characteristics:
High grade steel
Rust free paint process
Highly adjustable frame to accommodate any litter size or shape.
Design allows use by a single bearer.

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N.W. Open Dimensions Closed Dimensions Available colour
21KG 112*68*88cm 52*65*85cm Orange/army green/blue


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