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EA-6D/6D1 Fire Department Stair Chair Emergency Evacuation Stair Assist Chair

Manual stair wheelchairs or stair climbers are portable stair considered as an accessibility solution, which allows caregiver to transport an individual up and down the stairs with their wheelchair. Manual stair wheelchair can work on any stair configurations such as straight, curved or angular, compared to wheelchair stair lift, where stair lift modality depends on the type of stair configurations.

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EA-6D/6D1 Fire Department Stair Chair Evacuation Stair Assist Chair Description:

Collapsible evacuation chair also known as stair stretcher. The emergency evacuation chair meets the needs of patients transported in confined spaces. The stair assist chair is especially suitable for patient transport in staircases, hillsides, tunnels, etc. The fire department stair chair is framed in aluminum or stainless steel. Evacuation chair backplanes and seats are made of PVC and are comfortable, durable, and easy to clean and disinfect. Four wheels, two of which have brakes, facilitate pushing the patient. The evacuation chair has two retractable struts for easy lifting of the patient. Foldable storage, save space.

EA-6D/6D1 Fire Department Stair Chair Evacuation Stair Assist Chair Features:

1. Aluminum alloy material, light and flexible structure. It is light in weight, small in size, easy to carry, safe to use and easy to clean and disinfect. Other materials are made of Oxford cloth.
2.PVC backrest, high strength, anti-oxidation, easy to clean.
3. Manual collapsible structure is easy to carry, used for ambulance fracture patients up and down the stairs.
4. The product is equipped with wide safety belt to ensure the safety of patients in the process of transfer.
5. Two retractable handles can be adjusted freely to lift the patient through the narrow passage.
6. The stretcher is equipped with four wheels, which is convenient for moving on the ground. The stretcher has a pedal frame, which is more secure.
7. Stretcher is equipped with reinforced handle at the back end, which can bear more weight. Multiple handle design, easy to lift the wounded.
8. Folding foot pedal for comfortable sitting position.
9. This product needs to be operated by two people at the same time. When lifting the patient up and down the stairs, the front lifting lever should be pulled out, and the rear handle should be opened and lifted for handling.

Differences between the two models:

1.The back end of the evacuation chair has four reinforcement handles.
1.The back end of the evacuation chair has two reinforcement handles.
2.It has folding handles and sits comfortably.
3.Backrest height adjustable.

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Model High position Folded Size Packing Load Bearing
EA-6D 70x52x85cm 90x54x20cm 93x21x51cm 160kg
EA-6D1 70x52x116cm 97x52x21cm 98x21x51cm 160kg


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