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EA-6A(special) Portable Stair Climbing Wheelchair Foldable Stretcher With Wheels

Manual stair wheelchairs or stair climbers are portable stair considered as an accessibility solution, which allows caregiver to transport an individual up and down the stairs with their wheelchair. Manual stair wheelchair can work on any stair configurations such as straight, curved or angular, compared to wheelchair stair lift, where stair lift modality depends on the type of stair configurations.

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EA-6A(special) Portable Stair Climbing Wheelchair Foldable Stretcher With Wheels Description:
Portable stair climbing wheelchair’s aluminum frame is strong enough to walk up and down the stairs. Foldable stretcher features 3 adjustable shoulder straps with quick-release buckles for patient comfort and safety. Handles help rescue workers easily maneuver the aluminum stair chair through tight Spaces and up and down stairs. Foldable stretcher with wheels allows you to fold them down without taking up a lot of space. The wheelchair stretcher is suitable for EMS departments and first responders, transferring patients in confined Spaces, elevators and staircases, emergency applications in hotels, schools, institutions and homes.
EA-6A(special) Portable Stair Climbing Wheelchair Foldable Stretcher With Wheels Features:
1. The structure is made of high strength aluminum alloy
2. Foldable design, manual operation of folding rod, reduce ambulance space.
3. There are two telescopic handles in front, which can be adjusted at will to lift the patient and carry them through the narrow passage.
4. The rear end is equipped with a foldable handle to facilitate the push of the stretcher.
6.PVC seat, easy to clean.
7. Equip three safety belts to ensure safety during patient transfer.
8. It is used to rescue patients with fracture up and down stairs. Two people need to lift up and down stairs together.
9. Raise the back of the chair, which should be designed to fit the natural curve of the spine.
10. Relax your legs with alloy feet.
11. Two rear casters for easy operation in tight Spaces.
12.The stretcher is mainly used for high-rise office buildings or industrial settings.

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Model Open Size Folded Size Self Weight Load Limit
EA-6A 65*52*94cm 95*50*18cm 7kg 159kg

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