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EA-3AN Ambulance Collapsible Stretcher Spine board Transfer Stretcher Trolley

EMS professionals, nursing staff and rescue teams use ambulance stretcher to use the patient’s transport, aimed to reduce secondary injuries to patients. There is a considerable number of patient cervical vertebrae in the rescue process, during the process of rescue injured, pay attention to the damage of the patient’s cervical vertebrae and lumbar vertebrae, if necessary, multiplayer to transfer patients while wearing neck and spinal fixation plate. The medical ambulance stretcher can be used to secure the patient’s broken limbs and avoid the injury of the patient’s neck and spine.

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EA-3AN Ambulance Collapsible Stretcher Description:
EMS professionals, paramedics and rescue teams use ambulance stretchers to transport patients, aiming to reduce secondary injuries to patients. The main material of ambulance collapsible stretcher is high strength aluminum alloy thick wall tube, hardened and surface treated, corrosion resistant, safe to use, disinfection and cleaning convenient. Emergency ambulance trolley are also available in a spinal version, which protects patients from neck and spinal injuries. The spine board is designed to respond to different accidents and minimize the risk of complications from existing injuries. The ambulance transfer stretcher trolley with spinal board is suitable for the provision of ambulances and is one of the ideal facilities for hospitals and emergency centres.
EA-3AN Ambulance Collapsible Stretcher Features:
1.The bottom space for spine board storage.
2.The height of loading wheels is adjustable to fit different height ofambulance board.
3.The backrest can be adjusted from 0 – 65 deg by gas spring.
4.Swing-down side rails to protect patient when transfer.
5.The mechanical legs are controlled by the handles in both sides, there is a safety lever to control front and hind legs to fold while loading and prevent collapse while standing.
6.Only one person can slide the stretcher on to the ambulance.
7.The stretcher can be locked by the fixing device when it is in the ambulance.
8.It is made of high-strength aluminum alloy.
9.φ12.5cm wide rubber castors, two with brakes.
10.Mainly used for ambulance, hospitals, emergency centers.
EA-3AN Ambulance Collapsible Stretcher Accessories:
1.Waterproof seamless welding PVC mattress(5cm thickness foam).
2.3pcs belts for chest, hip and knee.
3.Fixing device.
4.Optional:IV pole ; Pillow ; Oxygen holder.
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Model Unfolded Size Folded Size Package Size Load Bearing
EA-3AN 195x55x90cm 195x55x38cm 201x61x40cm 180kg


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