EA-2A/2C Medical Wheeled Ambulance Stretcher Low Position Stretcher Ambulance Gurney

The low stretcher is suitable for ambulance of a relatively low chassis. It can have a shovel stretcher to deal with different situations. With four caster, it can be transferred in a flat ground to transport the patient and directly push or raise to ambulance, and can be fixed to the ambulance.This type of stretcher is characterized by its lightness.

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EA-2A/2C Medical Low Position Ambulance Stretcher Description:
Medical Stretcher uses foam cushions and adjustable back Angle to make the patient feel comfortable while lying down. Medical ambulance cot adopts low frame structure, which can move on the ground and lift up. The low position stretcher is provided with a pull ring at both ends to facilitate the transport of patients; Equipped with a welding ambulance stretcher, two safety belts and an IV lever. Made of high-strength aluminium, Ambulance Gurney is lightweight, safe and easy to use, easy to disinfect and clean
EA-2A/2C Medical Low Position Ambulance Stretcher Features:
1.Low position stretcher, suitable for low height board ambulance.
2.The backrest can be adjusted from 0 – 65 deg by gas spring.
3.Swing-down side rails to protect patient when transfer.
4.The bottom space of the stretcher is designed for storage of scoop stretcher.
5.The stretcher can be locked by the fixing device when it is in the ambulance.
6.It is made of high-strength aluminum alloy.
7.φ12.5cm castors, diagonal brakes, swivel front castors and non-swivel rear castors.
8.Retractable handle for easy lifting of stretcher.
9.Folding pull rod, push and pull force saving.
10.Mainly used for ambulance, hospitals, emergency centers.
11.Suitable for the ambulance: the wheel hub height is less than 29cm.
EA-2A/2C Medical Low Position Ambulance Stretcher Accessories:
1.Waterproof seamless welding PVC mattress(5cm thickness foam).
2.3pcs belts for chest, hip and knee.
3.Fixing device L02.
4.Optional: IV pole 101/102; Pillow.
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Model Unfolded size(L*W*H) Max angle of Distance between N.W Load bearing Packing
the backrest front and rear wheel Quantity Size(L*W*H) G.W
EA-2A 190*55*44cm 65° 120cm 25kg 180kg 1 195*58*34cm 32kg

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