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EA-1F10 Medical Patient Slide Board Transfer Plastic Sheet For Disabled

In the past, the method of carrying patients is to use many people in different parts of the patients and lift them together. The patients are easy to feel uncomfortable, and even cause unnecessary injuries to the patients because of the inappropriate way of handling. Transfer Sheet can allow patients to pass the bed as a whole, avoid secondary injury, and realize easy and comfortable overall transfer. Supported pads protect the patient’s bones and the possibility of crushes, strains, etc. when moving between cars/beds/tables. After the use of transfer board, not only make patients smooth and safe bed, improve the quality of nursing, greatly reduce the labor intensity of nursing staff, but also improve patient satisfaction.

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EA-1F10 Medical Patient Slide Board Transfer Plastic Sheet For Disabled Description:
Medical professionals can use the patient transfer sheet to perform the transfer. Medical transfer sheet is a simple high-density polyethylene structural plate with a thickness of 3/16 inches. They are very smooth on both sides, which can easily slide the patient on the surface you transfer or transfer. Smooth surface makes them easy to clean and disinfect. The handle hole is cut around the edge of the board. Patient slide board has many different locations that ensure that medical professionals get the handle that best suits the patient. Transfer plastic sheet is suitable for most medical applications; Transfer sheets for disable applicable populations include patients with walking or movement, patients with disabilities, in anesthesia or loss of perception.
EA-1F10 Medical Patient Slide Board Transfer Plastic Sheet For Disabled Features:
1. The material is lightweight and durable polyethylene board, which makes patient transfer easy and safe.
2. Design to help the nurse push the patient from the gurney to the bed, reducing the risk of back injury when moving or repositioning the patient.
3.Especially suitable for the transfer of spine fractures, limb fractures and various trauma patients; operating rooms, emergency rooms patient transfer and pre-hospital emergency transfer in various departments, especially radiology department: MRI or X-ray photography, B-ultrasound etc. can be transferred directly
4. Built-in handles for easy movement in any direction.
5. Thin, flexible, easy to store and clean. Non-disposable, no staining, no radiation, no latex.
6. Smooth surface reduces friction and is easy to clean and slide. The thin shape makes stacking and storage easy.
Applications: operating room, ICU, emergency department, obstetrics and gynecology;
Surgery, internal medicine ward, CT examination, radiotherapy;
Rehabilitation department, X-ray room (the bed is easy to have better X-ray penetration) Nursing department transfer, etc
How to use the transfer board:
1. When the patient passes from the bath bed, X-ray bed, CT examination, etc. to the hospital bed:
2. Put the bed easily into 1/3 or 1/4 of the patient’s body.
3. Push the patient gently or pull it over the bed to get on the cart.
4. Push the cart and the patient to the bedside.
5. Push the patient gently or pull the bed gently to get to the bed.
6. Gently remove the bed from under the patient.
7. When the patient goes to the operating table, X-ray table, CT bed, etc. on the hospital bed:
The method is the same as above.
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Model Size Weight
EA-1F10 180*58*0.5cm 4240g

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