EA-1D2/D4/D5 Medical Rescue Folding Portable Pole First Aid Emergency Stretcher

The Emergency Foldable stretcher is a light weight foldable, portable easy to store stretcher, which can be used to shift immobile conscious or unconscious people to safety. Approved by Clinic practice and suitable for Ambulance, hospital battlefield gym to carry the wounded and patients and also suitable for general operations.

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EA-1D2/D4/D5 Folding Portable Emergency Stretcher Features:
1.It is made of high-strength aluminum alloy and oxford leather materials.
2.Optional color: orange ,blue, camouflage, army green.
3.Optional fabric: oxford leather, orange PVC.
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Model Unfolded Size Folded Size Packing Load Bearing
EA-1D2 210x53x12cm 61x24x13cm 96x25x14cm 160kg
EA-1D4 208x53x15cm 104x17x9cm 110x19x22cm 160kg
EA-1D5 215x55x14cm 56x20x20cm 62x22x22cm 160kg

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