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EA-1C Double Fold Stretcher Collapsible Spine Board Stretcher For Transfer Patient

For catagmatic patients, it is very important to carry out reasonable and effective first-aid measures. When carrying the wounded to use hard plate fixed, can not use a soft canvas stretcher, soft canvas stretcher will lead to bone injury patients further aggravation, should be fixed at the scene and prevention of complications, especially to take the fastest way to the hospital, in the escort should be closely observed. The selection of a suitable stretcher is of Paramount importance in carrying the injured.

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EA-1C Double Fold Patient Transfer Stretcher Description:
Double fold Stretcher is made of high-strength aluminum alloy, which is light in weight, small in size, easy to carry and safe to use. It is mainly suitable for hospitals, sports venues, ambulances and military field evacuation. Collapsible Stretcher is suitable for catagmatic patients and can be used with a spine board stretcher to prevent secondary injuries. Stretcher in the implementation of the transfer of the injured and sick, basically by carrying the patient to achieve the injured and sick from the scene of the accident, complete the transfer between the ambulance, hospital bed, all kinds of examination bed and operation table.
EA-1C Double Fold Patient Transfer Stretcher Features:
1. This stretcher is foldable, flexible and durable in folding joint design.
2. Arc grip, labor-saving and convenient
3. Porous design, easy to lock the fixed belt, prevent tilting slip.
4. Adjustable seat belt reduces turbulence
5.. Made of high strength aluminum alloy stretcher surface
6. It is more suitable for patients with catagmatic and can be used together with the head fixator.
7. Mainly used for outdoor and hospital protection and transportation of the injured.
Folding Stretcher, Medical Stretcher, Rescue Stretcher, Portable Stretcher, Aluminum Stretcher

Model Unfolded Size Folded Size Packing Load Bearing
EA-1C 185x50x4cm 93x50x10cm 96x26x54cm 160kg

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